Sep 30, 2008

My Apology For Entrecard Droppers


I always thank everyone who constantly dropping their EC on my site and I owe them a lot because they have contributed so much for my PR that I got for the first eversince I started my blog last January. I always try my best to return their drops but it is really hard for me to do it now because I am just using my sister-in-law's PC since our laptop's not functioning properly for the past few weeks now. This computer that I am using right now is just too slow for me to drop cards. I am dropping one at a time because the computer would freeze up when I open multiple tabs or window at the same time. By doing so, the whole day won't be enough for me to return all those drops. Plus I can't just sit in front of the computer the whole day because I have my 2-year-old son to attend to who needed my attention too. So as much as I wanted to return all your drops, it is just impossible for me to do so.

One of these, I may be able to buy a new computer and I promise y'all that starting that day, I would be returning all your drops then. I hope y'all understand and please continue dropping your cards on this site. I truly appreciate it.

Beauty of Life

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