Sep 5, 2008

A Blog Of Mixed Thoughts


Today, I did my usual daily routine in cyberspace, blog hopping. I do this to meet more bloggers around the world, exchange links with them, and earn more friends. Blogging for me is not just writing, posting, exposing thoughts, and earning money, but the most important about blogging is to be able to explore and learn the ideas from other bloggers who writes with all their heart and soul.

Most blogs around are just mixed ideas about anything and everything interesting or can-be-made-interesting for/by the author and their readers. You would be amazed how these bloggers has lots to say about a certain topic. Usually a topic that you can see and know about in the blogosphere. One of these blogs that I am talking about is Yogi's weblog. It is a blog of mixed thoughts and ideas. You may find something that talks about earning money, sports, personal experiences of the author, and just anything you can think about. And by the way, did I mention that it is a very neat and nice blog? Yes, it is nice to look at plus a good content composed by the author. It is just something that you may want to visit everyday.

Beauty of Life

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