Sep 14, 2008

Week 14: Lucky Me! Wacky Me!

Pinay Mommy Community's Week 14: Lucky Me! Wacky Me! WEEKLY FEST had ended and as a benefactor for Week 14's Fest, I am announcing the lucky winners for this week.

1st -- $8 + 1000EC --- Naomi of Irresistible Fascinations
2nd -- $5 + 800EC --- Praning of Praning's Shoutout
3rd -- $3 + 500EC --- Pinaymama of Simple Life, Simply Me

Consolation Prize of 50EC for non-winners.

Sunshine of Joys in Life
Jade of Momma Wannabe
Shebadoo of Aha Mama!
Aeirin of Aeirin's Collection
Zriz of PierrEzrah
Lurchie of Anthology of Snippets
Mitch of Etc. Atbp
Jerla of A Mother of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Nina of CharmDestiny
Cara of Mommy Cara Says
Ruby of Blessings and Beyond

Congratulations to all the winners and Thanks to all who participated in these weekly fest!
See you again on the next Weekly Fest and other PMC's activities. *wink*

Beauty of Life


  1. congrats to everybody and thank you mommy jona for being our benefactor for week 14.

    stay tuned for Week Number 15 mommies!!

    Pinay Mommy Online
    Blessings and Beyond
    Mommy Earns Money Online
    Pinay Mommies Community

  2. Thanks mommy Jona! This is my 1st time to win a contest..hehehe

  3. heheheh...congrats to the winners!!! Oy sali pa la ako!!!! Will email you mommy my PP account!!!!

  4. hehehe cute.... congrats sa winners and ty sa EC. wink

  5. Got my EC! Congrats to the winners! :)

  6. Congrats to all the winners!

    Thanks sa Ec Mommy!

    The Pinay Blogger

  7. waaahh, thank you very much! hehehe...

    sulit pala pagod ko sa pic na pinost ko..hehehe...

    congrats din to the other winners.

  8. congrats sa winners... nkakatuwa.. lahat deserving manalo..

    got my EC's thanks mommy

  9. you are all welcome mga mommies.. i am very glad to become a benefactor...

  10. wow....... thank you po!! :P

    and congrats to all! ahihihih

    bring on the next one! :P