Sep 11, 2008

A Friend Has Changed

It always feels good to get in touch with a friend after a long time of not knowing all her whereabouts then all of a sudden, you met her somewhere and keeping in touch with her. Well, I always thank the internet for letting us communicate with someone near or far from us.

A few weeks ago, someone sent me a message on Friendster. I looked at her picture and I didn't recognize her but once I saw her message, I knew that she was my classmate in elementary. The last time we kept in touch was last 2002 if I remember it right and she was really fat that time. I was so surprised by how sexy she is right now and the first question that I asked her was how did she achieve her body now. Then she told me that it was the diet pills that she had been taking for a couple of years now and it worked really good for her.

She really changed physically but I am glad that she was still the sweet friend I had when we were younger. And I am so more glad to know that she'd doing good now and had her own family too.

Beauty of Life

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