Sep 22, 2008

Anticipating His Future As A Mother

Time flies really fast, my son would be two this coming Wednesday and without realizing it, he would start his potty training and graduate from disposable diaper, start to go to school, and everything. But even if he is getting older and even if he would have his own family and all, he would still be my baby and nothing can ever change that. But enough with those anticipating his future for now because I wanted to enjoy and cherish each moment of what my son is right now, as a baby who is still needing so much attention, care, and love, most especially from me as his Mommy.

Oh boy..I hate to imagine it but I know I can't the stop the from ticking and while it is moving, we know that a big future is ahead of us but we don't exactly know what it is, especially for our children. The best that we can do for now is to give him the love and care that he deserves and nurture every moment we have together because as a mother, whether we like it or not, our kids will find their own way in their own right time. It would really hurt but at least if you are a good mother, you would see your kid(s) leave you with tears of joy and no regrets.

Beauty of Life

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