Sep 12, 2008

Funny Pic Of Me

WEEK 14: Lucky Me! Wacky Me!

I know this doesn't look wacky but it looks funny for me. This picture was taken a few days ago after I got my new phone. I was playing around with my phone with it's camera feature. After I made this, I forwarded it to my hubby with a text "Is this your wife" and hear this, he said "Well, better-looking" ... arrrgghhhh! But I know he was just joking because he said so. LOL

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Beauty of Life


  1. Hehe. Bad si hubby...Dapat magsorry...(joke!)

    Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama
    A Zone for Digiscraps

  2. heheh...i think he was just joking when he say so ...eheehehe

  3. hahahah! this is funny mommy!!!

  4. haha. super wacky..

    ang kulit din ni hubby mo

  5. Hahahah ! this is funny Mommy!