Sep 2, 2008

Mommy Community's Blog Trip Day 2

Today is the 2nd day for Mommy Community's Blog Trip. This Blog Trip activity will run until September 5, 2008.

About gas price? I am really not aware how much is the gas price here in our area but as what my husband keeps saying, it's nice high. I think I saw one time that it almost $4/gallon. But I can share with you how we are saving gas. If we go out at night, we don't turn the air-conditioner on because the wind is cooler outside. We only used air-conditioner if it is really hot outside.

Join me in this Blog Trip and meet my fellow mommy bloggers.

Beauty of Life


  1. Stopping by on the bloggy road trip, and thought I'd say hi!

  2. Gas is high every where. Thanks for sharing tips on how to save.

  3. Hi! Dropping by to take a peek at the gas price in your town.

    My husband also turn off the car aircon at night on our way home from work. We really saved a lot doing that. :)