Sep 19, 2008

Are you taking blogging too seriously?


This is just a thought that came across my mind while I was doing my blog hopping today. i have been comparing blogs to blogs and see how they do their blogging. Some are updating their blogs regularly, like always having at least couple of post a day while there are those who don't update their blog at all, like it has been a month since they had their last post. But some non-updated blogs have more higher ranking than those who always update their blogs. I really wonder how they work on that.

How about you? Are you taking blogging too seriously?

I admit myself that I am a serious blogger. Sometimes I just realize myself that I am not doing anything at all but to update my blog. I can't help it, it is really addictive. I guess lots of bloggers would agree with me about that. Plus my concept about blogging is not just to update your blog but to socialize and meet lost of friends in this blogging world. But I guess it is wrong to say that you take blog as you life because it can never be possible because if that would be the case, then what happens if there would be no internet connection at all or you won't have a computer, then you would die?! Hmmm.. I don't think so. You can still live without blogging and that is what should be in your mind all the time. There can be nothing wrong to take blogging seriously, but it would be wrong if you take it TOO seriously because circumstances-wise, you would be out of your mind if blogging would suddenly vanish.
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