Sep 3, 2008

Our Very First Pictures

It is another PMC's Weekly Fest and this week's theme is "PHOTO POST: WHEN YOU WERE". We must post a picture of us together with our husband before we got married or had a kid. In our case, we already had kid before we got married, but we sure do had a picture before we got married. Here it is.

Those were our VERY FIRST pictures together. That is when Andy, my husband, came over to the Philippines to finally meet me in person.

Our story may not be unique nowadays but there is still some uniqueness about it. We met online through a dating site, After a few months of sending long emails, chat through Yahoo Messenger, and talk on the phone everyday, we finally met each other in person, but we already knew that we're in love with each other prior to that. How? We don't know, but we just did. And those pictures were taken in our house in Cagayan de Oro City on September 12, 2007 at around 7am. Me and my Mom met him at the airport around 6am and as soon as we got home, we kissed and took a picture. hehe. So, here ya go! Our very first picture together.

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  1. nice pic and nice story!!! hay, mommy, iba-iba talaga ang love stories natin... madalas din ako sa ym nun pero i never knew about pang ym lang akech!!! anyway, tnx sa comment... i really like your entry here, you're right, your story might not be new but still, every love story is differend, diba? ingat... tnx again for visitng my site sis!

  2. Wow! Kilig mami! :)

    Dami talagang nag meet online for love... I'm so happy you found the right man!

  3. nice story...your very lucky huh...and pic are very sweet we can see the love in your eye...

  4. Awww how cute. I love the pictures and the story behind them.

  5. "but we already knew that we're in love with each other prior to that. How? We don't know, but we just did"

    I so know what you mean- it' the same for me, we have not met and really spent a long time togethere but we just knew we were meant for each other.

    Nice post!


  6. Cute naman ng love story nu....