Sep 16, 2008

Stage Beauty


Last night, I was trying to find some good movie that was shown on TV and I ended up with the Stage Beauty. At first, I don't know what the movie about, but when I read about the description, it says that it is movie based in London about the very first woman who acted on stage a role of woman. It made me confused and curious so I hit Enter on the remote and watch it.

It is a movie starring Claire Danes and Billy Crudur. When I saw the first scene of it, I was beginning to understand why the description said it.

Billy played the role of Mr. Kynaston who is a leading actor during their time who plays the role of a woman, which the most famous role he had was Desdemona in Othello. While Claire is his loyal personal assistant, named Maria, who always longed to play on stage like him but it is against their role to have a woman act in a public stage as a woman but she secretly fulfills her dream by acting in their local tavern and using the name Margaret Hughes. But the news about her great acting which is pretty much the same as how Mr. Kynaston acts, spread all over their place which caught the King's attention who then gave Maria the chance to act in a woman role. It made Mr. Kynaston real made that he said lots of things about not letting woman act on stage as woman which was overheard by the King's mistress who then ask the Kind seductively to ban men from acting on stage in a woman role. Mr. Kynaston lose everything, his career, his love (which eventually a man), and the respect of the people. He tried to act as a man on stage but failed because he can't get rid of how his hands move with grace just like a true lady.

But when Maria was asked to perform as Desdemona for the Kind, he panicked and asked Mr. Kynaston to coach her and so it ended up as Mr. Kynaston played the man part of play and realize that he can perfectly act as a man on stage. Finally, Mr. Kynaston realized that he can be a man on stage and in real life and fell in love with Maria.

Beauty of Life

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