Sep 10, 2008

Want Some Cake? Toilet Bowl With Crap Cake


I was blog hopping and EC dropping yesterday when I saw this cake. A toilet bowl that has a crap that looks very real to me.

But before I grabbed the picture, I made sure first that it was okay for the author. Good thing at the end of his post, he says, we can grab it if we want. Unfortunately, due to lots of blogs that I went to yesterday, I lost track from whose blog did that picture come from. So, if you know who originally posted this photo, please leave me a comment with the link of the post that has this photo. Thanks.

Anyway, do you like to eat a cake like this? Hmm..I don't think I would. By just looking at it, it already makes me puke. I am sure though that this cake doesn't smell like the way it looks. But kudos to whoever who made it. It was so real-looking. It's really amazing to come up with this big of a cake plus the crap that looks very real.

Beauty of Life


  1. Thank you for allowing me to advertise my EC with you today!

  2. That is such a unique cake! I wonder if someone would be appreciate eating that one. It's such a one of a kinds.

  3. I must say, that is a unique way of designing a cake. i wonder who ate it though? I hope the pipes on that thing still works.