Sep 19, 2008

Starting All Over Again


One of the hardest things that I need to deal with since I got here in Texas is to shift from beauty products that my skin has gotten used to to a new one which I may need to use for a few days just to find out that my skin won't like it.

Back in the Philippines, I already have been using products that my skin likes which ends up to becoming better the longer I used them. But some of those products are not produced here in Texas, probably in any part of US, so I need to change product. I don't have a choice, do I? The hardest part of it is I might try a product that make my skin look bad but I hope not. But I won't know for sure until I use it for a few days to see the result. Now, I need to start all over again, trying products to products and see which one works for me.

I used Ponds Beauty Products before but I stopped using it for a while because I realized that my skin is better with Eskinol Facial Wash and Cream. Now, since the stores here doesn't have Eskinol, I would try using Ponds again and see if it would still works for my skin.

Well, I just have to deal with it. It could be hard but like I said earlier I don't have a choice. If you can have any suggestion, feel free to leave it here. Thanks!
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