Sep 22, 2008

The Cats on Their Best Position

They are two of our cats in our house. On the left is Cream and it is Pearl on the other side. They are both girls and both like to spread their legs. Well, I am glad that they're cats and not human (if you know what I'm saying). Actually, it was Pearl really loves to spread her legs when she is lying down and we think that Cream is taking lessons from Pearl.

Those pictures were taken on the same day and same time. Cream was on my husband's chair while Pearl was on our bed and they are about to take their nap. I found it cute and decided to make a post about it. My husband calls it "putting the cats on shame". Well, I'm not, actually, I don't think they have shame so that's why I am putting them on shame, right? hehe. Whatever! I just think it's funny and cute.


Beauty of Life

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