Sep 19, 2008

Dancing Is My Frustration But My Son Loves It


My son loves to dance. Everytime a music plays on one of his favorite cartoon shows or sometime with just any show on TV, he would dance to the beat. He would also try to do a break dance by turning himself upside down.

I hope he would be a dancer in the future because that is one of my frustrations while growing up. I love to dance too but I can't dance well. Until now, I love watching movies where you can see lovely dancing routine such as in Bring It On (part1-5), Step Up (1&2), Honey, etc. I always wish that I can dance like those guys but I know it is too late for me to dream that big, so I am just wishing for my son or my future children to dance as graceful as those dancers in the movie or any TV shows.

Anyway, I captured a video of my son dancing while he was watching one of his favorite cartoon shows on TV. Enjoy!

Beauty of Life

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