Sep 26, 2008

I Miss You


I have been here in Texas for more than a month now. Though life is better here that what we have in the Philippines but I still can't help myself missing lots of things. First of all, I miss my parents a bunch that I wish I can hug them very tight right at this moment. But I can only do that through words when I am talking to them in the phone and in my mind.

I miss all the foods that I like so much like balot, palitaw, sapin-sapin, Jollibee, humba, sinigang, banana cue, fish ball (PHP1.00/stick), etc. I know I can cook some of them here like the sinigang and humba but my problem is I really don't know how to cook. I may someday and I am trying hard to learn. But where in Texas can I find balot? I guess no one knows. I've heard that there is Jollibee in California but not here in Texas. They only have one type of banana here, the one we called it Stanfilco(a company that process exported banana) in the Philippines.

All those foods that I am missing so much and I can never find here in Texas. I never thought that I would ever miss those kind of foods when I was still in the Phillipines because I can have it anytime I wanted. But now that I am here, it sometimes would make me cry thinking about all those foods because I wanna eat them badly right now. HELP! lol
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