Sep 29, 2008

Blessings are multiplied back to you when you give some


"It is better to give that to receive"

That quote above is indeed true and is what we should have in our mind for this coming holiday and gift-giving season. I am not a hypocrite or something, I love to receive something too, but for some reason, it really feels good to be able to give to someone especially when you know that they really need it and you have something to give. It doesn't matter how much you give, but what matters is you give from your heart.

I knew someone who is not rich but she is a manager of one of the biggest banks in the Philippines and owns a big business in her town. She is rich as we can see, but she is rich too with what we don't see.

It was December of 1999 when she invited us (my family) to her place, about 5 hours drive from where I lived because she will open her new business. We stayed there for 3 days and it was a very wonderful experience. She had a big party and everything, but what really made it wonderful is when we went to a small barrio and brought some goodies such as clothes, slippers, school things, and foods. I didn't exactly know what we are about to do until I saw a whole bunch of kids waiting for us in the gym. We gave away all the goodies that we brought to those kids and it really touched my heart.

Before that happened, I thought that she was just borned rich and hardworking enough to have those money that she has, but she told me "I was one of those kids before until I got an opportunity to finish my studies. I would never forget where I came from and would continue to give these children the opportunity that was given to me when I needed it because I always believe that the reason why I have these blessings I have right now in my life is because BLESSINGS ARE MULTIPLIED BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU GIVE SOME".
Beauty of Life

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