Sep 22, 2008

Can't Help Myself To Cry


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Obviously, it was our wedding pictures. These are the most highlighted part of our wedding, the EXCHANGING OF VOWS. We were both crying that time because we and God knows how much we've been through before we finally joined ourselves in the Holy Matrimony. We are really waiting in pain for our wedding, though it was just for a few months but it seemed to be longer than forever for both of us. We originally planned to get married on January 2, 2008 but was postponed for circumstances that we can't avoid and didn't give us a choice. Then we set February 29, 2008 as the date hoping that everything would be settled and time will cooperate with us, unfortunately it didn't. Keeping the faith, we didn't set a date until me and my son were finally here in Texas with my fiance (my husband now). So the final wedding date was July 20, 2008. No words can ever explain how happy we are to finally started our dreams together as husband and wife, and it all began on our wedding.

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  1. awwww i remmeber those days pod heheheheh emote sad ko

  2. I remember my own wedding, I cried din. Nice pic mommy!

  3. During our wedding ceremony, I didn't cry, not even him kasi comedy ang kaganapan.

    But when my parents gave their speech, yun na...

  4. wow kakaiyak namin ako kaya kapag kinasal iiyak kaya ako...

  5. heheheheh...this is so sweet mommy jona, I cried too during my wedding....pero in seconds I stopped kasi I remember baka masira make up ko heheeh....

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  6. waaahhhh, this is so touching!

  7. hi mga mommies! thanks sa comments nyo dito..

    ngayong nakita ko sa picture na umiiyak pala ako, kakainis kasi nasira make-up ko. hehe.

    dko namalayan nyan eh na grabe pla iyak ko. hehe

  8. na makaiyak ako nito hheh ako civil wedding lang at parang feeling ko joke joke eh panghambuhay pala...This is good.

  9. ako din nung wedding ko umiyak din.. kaso d nkuha sa camera... sayang lol

    Hope you visit my Weekly Fest Entry have a great day

  10. This is a nice wedding picture - truly memorable di ba;)

  11. Hala, ang makeup...:) What a memorable wedding experience...

    ~Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama | A Zone for Digiscraps

  12. mommy, very touching naman ng story ng pic mo...I can only imagine the excitement after all those frustrations...hehehe