Sep 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike


Thanks good Lord that hurricane Ike had already passed but we were safe and sound. The hurricane didn't pass us here in Austin which was a very good blessing we had but I am very sad to those who experienced it down in Galveston, TX and some part of Houston which would be a 4 hour drive away from us.

A few days prior to that, it was said that the hurricane may hit Austin so we got really worried. We were watching the news everyday for the updates about where the hurricane is heading. Then last Thursday, the hurricane shift direction and was headed to Galvestion. I saw how much damage it gave the poor city and it looks really sad.

But now I am thankful that it was all over and the people who felt the hurricane is now starting to go back to their places and moving on with their lives, trying hard to forget about the so-called nightmare they had a few days ago.
Beauty of Life

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