Sep 23, 2008

My Baby's Name


I am tagged by fellow pinaymommy blogger and PMC member, Praning. Thanks for this Mommy.

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My Baby's Name: My son's name is Dion Bernard. We got those names from my parents name. Dion is from my mother's name which is CereDIONa while Bernard is from my father's name BERNARDo.

I named my son after them because I owe them a lot from the day that I was pregnant with him until now. I know I betrayed them as my parents when I got pregnant by a boyfriend who just left me out of the blue. I know I hurt them so much but they still took care of me. Accepted me as their daughter and forgave me without any doubts for what I did. If without them I would've been dead by now because what happened to me was never easy. But they loved me just how they always do when my mom herself carried me in her bossom. They are so precious me just as how they treat my son preciously.

But we gave my son a nickname, Abi. Abi is a bisaya (language in Visayas and most part of Mindanao) word meaning "I/we thought or a term for guess". When I was pregnant of him, I always love to wear pink. Anything pink: my clothes, shoes, even my underwear, hairtie. just anything but pink so I thought that I have a girl baby. But when I had my first ultrasound when I was 7 months pregnant, we found out that it was a boy. We were not disappointed though but we just named him "Abi" because we only thought that he's a girl. hehe.

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