Sep 15, 2008

Winter is really coming


Almost every morning, I would walk with my husband up to the porch when we goes to work but I didn't do it this morning because once he opened the door, a very cold breeze immediately blew inside the house. Ohhh! That was so chilly. So, I didn't end up walking with him until the porch because I can't afford to go out with just my thin shirt and short pants on and feel the freezing wind. But my husband said that that was not cold and I should wait until that temperature would be the warmest. Oh no! Would I still be alive by that time? LOL. Of course, I will.

But here in Texas is always warm compared to other states. During winter, Texas will probably have snow but not as much snow to where you can only see white everywhere, the streets, houses, trees, etc. Well, I am glad I dom't need to deal with the coldness that I think I couldn't bear though I am still excited to see snow. It would be my first time, hopefully this coming winter.
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