Sep 27, 2008

Adding Insult To Injury


A few nights ago, while I was in the bed, our cat, Pearl was licking my head. I was not in the mood that time so I wanted her to stop and said "Stop that Cream...", oops! Did I just say Cream? Yes, I did and I didn't realized it until my husband said so, but it got worst when he said to Pearl, "Jona doesn't like being licked Cream.." oops! He said Cream instead of Pearl too. That was adding insult to injury. By the way, Cream is another cat in our house. She is Yvonne's, my husband's sister, cat.

But it was not about that, though it was somehow connected to that situation. Because of that situation I remembered the phrase adding insult to injury which I first heard from my high school teacher.

He was our teacher in the subject Filipino and we don't really like him because he is conceited, at least by the way we look at him. Everytime we are on his class, we don't pay attention to him. He has this habit of using certain words over and over again. One time, we made a list of those words, just for fun until he saw the paper himself and was insulted big time. While he was telling us how he was hurt about it, we just laugh at him and it was such a surprise when we saw tears on his eyes, then he said, "This is enough, you just added insult to injury..". We thought that it was a wrong grammar phrase, so we laugh again which insulted him more and he walked out from us. He never went back to our class after that and the next time we knew, he resigned from his job.

Then a few months after that, our classmate read from a pocketbook that exact phrase. We felt really bad about what happened and wished that we can turn back time and did something better.
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