Sep 23, 2008

Surprise "Cake" For Wedding Anniversary


No, it is not OUR wedding anniversary. It was my husband's brother, Kevin's and his wife, Shonda's 2nd wedding anniversary last September 20th. But they celebrated it with us last Sunday which is on the 21st. We were all at my husband's parents' house that time as we usually go there every Sunday.

I know that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were making cake for Kevin and Shonda and I didn't know that it was a surprise. I heard and understand from Yvonne, a few days before the anniversary, that Shonda wished to have a "wedding" cake because she never had one during their wedding. But I should've realized that Shonda was in the hospital when she said that because she just undergone a surgery to remove a cist ffom her thyroid gland. So, when she told Yvonne (my sister-in-law) that she wished for a wedding cake, she was not in an awake or normal state because it was just a few hours after her surgery.

Then last Sunday, after we had our lunch together, Yvonne and Mom brought the cake to the kitchen from the pool room, where they kept it, and Shonda was really surprised. Kevin knew about it though but he decided not to tell Shonda. Shonda was crying with tears of joy because she never believed that she said those things to Yvonne and Yvonne would listen to a dosed person. LOL. It was funny but that is what she exactly said. Anyway, we were enjoying the yummy cake they made.

Again, Happy 2nd Anniversary Shonda and Kevin. We all love you!

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