Sep 29, 2008

Mr. G Finally Ranked My Page


My husband and my son doesn't understand what I am so happy about when I suddenly did a happy dance a few hours ago. But you would understand why I am very happy because this page is finally ranked by the Google.

I went to PPP to check some opps and I was so surprise to see three pages of opps available for me. Then I checked on an opp to reserve it, I check theminimum qualification on the bottom and was surprise to see that it is for PR 3 sites. So I checked my PR through lots of Google PR checker and this is what I found:

This is my first time being ranked by Google so you can just imagine my excitement. I am not sure if this is is big deal to everyone but it is for me. For me, having a PR means that you are have good content on your sites and many is linking to your sites which means that they love your site, in short, your site is popular. Well, at least that what means to me.

I wanna thank those people who regularly or almost regularly checked on my site and to those who are linking to this site. I owe it all to you.

Beauty of Life

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