Sep 1, 2008

Family bonding


Family bonding is always important because it can help your family build a strong relationship. We don't usually do this since my husband works 12 hours a day as a manager, sometimes he would even go home later than the usual which means that we don't have enough time to bond. His only rest day is every Sunday. Then every Sunday morning we go to the Church, then we'll go to my husband's parents house in the afternoon. This situation cause me and my husband to be somehow emotionally apart from each other. Even we talk about our life each time we go to sleep, but we realize that it is not enough. There should be a time where your whole family can have fun and it is what is missing in us. Now, we decided to give our family a special time to bond and we started it yesterday. We bought video games because it is something that me and my husband both love and our son enjoys it too. it is a racing game and we all enjoy it so much. We had a dinner in a Filipino restaurant last Saturday night too which is another time for us to be bonded. But yesterday, we had a fine dining, but just at home. My husband cook a turkey since he knew that I never had whole turkey yet. We can't wait for Thanksgiving day to have a turkey.

Then, early this afternoon, my husband called me because he talked to the owner of store he is working at about getting an extra time off and it is so nice to hear that he got it. So instead of just having a Sunday off, he will have half of Saturday as his off as well. Though as a starter for the new schedule, he'll have that every other week and if it would still not work for us, he will ask for another extra time off. As for me, I would not be blogging as much as I do because there would times that when my husband gets home, I am in the middle of doing something in my blog and it is so hard for me to leave it. Now, we need to prioritize our family whatever is at stake because it is the most important for us. We can't afford to lose each other because we love our family so much.
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