Sep 19, 2008

Today is Our Second Wedding Monthsary


I felt really bad this morning because I didn't realiz that today is our 2nd wedding monthsary until hubby greeted me. Good thing I was not in my lazy mood and I prepared and ate breakfast with him this morning. Hubby had gotten to me not waking up early to eat breakfast with him twice or three times a week. For this week, I only did it once so he was a little surprise when I got up from bed this morning. Well, I made a post the other day, I am guilty..., which is about the things that I should've done better. I promised myself to do the best that I can as his wife and that is what I am doing right now. I tried not to use the computer late at night and go to bed early so that I can get up early, then eat breakfast with my hubby every morning before he goes to work. We only eat together twice daily and I don't wanna miss one now.

When hubby greeted me Happy 2nd Monthsary this morning, I felt a little shame because I should be the one who remembered it first but it was so sweet of him to remember it first thing in the morning. But he understand though becauss he believes that I may realized it anytime today if he didn't greeted me earlier.

But anyway, on our 2nd month as married couple, I would say that I am very happy and felt blessed for having the kind of husband that I have right now. And I would say this over and over again, he is the best MAN I ever had in my entire life and never can I live without him because from the day that we got married, I gave my life to him for I trusted him to take care of it and he is doing good, so far, about it. (I love you Hon!)
Beauty of Life

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  1. hi jona! happy monthsary to you and your hubby! ;-)