Sep 8, 2008

PMC's DigisScrap Challenge


Pinay Mommies Community is growing bigger and bigger now. We are so happy that a few more Pinay Mommies has joined our community which gave us more chance to meet and communicate with our fellow Pinay Mommies in the blogging world.

As celebration for our growing community, this month, Digital Scrapping Challenge is launched for the Pinay Mommies to showcase their talent on digital scrapping. The registration for the contest is ongoing now until September 10, 2008 (-8 GMT). Of course, lots of cool prizes will be given to the winners and to those who participated too.

If you are a Pinay Mommy(or wife), a blogger, and digiscrapper, then you can join the challenge and show us what you got. In order to join, you need to become a member of PMC first. To register, you need to grab a badge here and put it on your blog's page. Then submit your blog here so that your blog will be listed on PMC's Directory (note: if you have 2 or more blogs, you can submit all of them but you must put the badge on those blogs as well).

Finally, you can go to PMC's Forum and register to be able to join the challenge and any other contest at PMC. You can also meet lots of Pinay Mommies and wives on the forum from all over the world.

So, if you are a proud Pinay, a mommy or a wife, then join us at PMC and have fun with us.

Beauty of Life


  1. Signed up already! Can't wait to begin...

    You have an award that you can pickup at Aha Mama.

    Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama
    A Zone for Digiscraps

  2. Sorry wrong link...The award is here.

    Mama Sheryl