Sep 2, 2008

My Son Would Be Turning Two Soon


A few days from now, my son would be 2 years old. Time really flies so fast because I can still recall the day that I gave birth to him. I was already at the hospital since I already knew the day before that that I am about to give birth. I guess I was really lucky because I didn't feel any pain when giving birth. I was so relaxed and excited while my mother was so tense because it was the very first operation that I have ever went to and I have never been admitted to the hospital until I gave birth.

When I think about those moment, the very first time I heard him cry and I saw his cute angelic face whom eyes was flickering trying to realize where he was at at that very moment. It was such a magical moment and I can't explain how happy I am during that day.

Now, it has already been almost 2 years that has passed and he may not be as innocent as what he was 2 years ago but he is an angel to me.

He would be two a few days from now and I wanted to give him something that he truly deserves. We are not planning on having a big party or something like that because at his age, he would still not appreciate it. It would be just like what we did during his first birthday. We just went to the beach with the whole family. And what made it very special is his Daddy was there. I just want to make his day special by letting him eat all he can his favorite foods such as ice cream, jone's supreme, etc. What is really important is that our family is still together and we're all healthy and serving our Lord God.

Beauty of Life

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