Sep 18, 2008

I am guilty...


I feel guilty for a few things that I have/haven't done because it seems like my life was taken by my blogging. I enjoy blogging so much. Not just with writing posts and updating my blogs but with meeting lots of new friends in blogging world. Some friends who can relate with my new life and the place I am in right now. I have my PMC family whom I really enjoy dealing with, those WAHMs like me, and Pinay in states. I have met a lot of them here in the Blogosphere and that is what I cherish the most about blogging.

These are the things that I hope I could've have done better:
1. Not giving my son a 100% attention because I am just always sitting at the computer table, dropping cards, blog hopping, etc. Though I still give him attention but I feel like he deserves more.
2. Not petting the cats as much as what they deserve because again my face is just in the computer almost all the time. They would come to me once in a while and I will pet them for a minute or less and that's it.
3. Not getting up early everyday to join my husband for breakfast because I am always tired in the morning for staying up late facing the computer. Though my husband understand that I am tired and he keeps telling me that it doesn't bother him as long as I am not always doing it. So he knows that when times that I get early to join him, I am forcing my lazy ass to leave the bed.

Oh God! I think I have sinned so much because I somehow fail my role as a mother, wife, and a person in this house. While I am making this post, I promise myself to properly manage my time and not just dedicate most of time for blogging because it is not my world and my life, my family is.

I am really really guilty for being such person who let the blogging world become my world. I love blogging so much and enoy every moment I spent on it, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy every moment I am spending with my family, I enjoy it much more than anything else. I just think that I am not giving them enough time which they deserved. From now on, that wouldn't be the case anymore. I would my family (including the cats) the time and attention that they require me to because I never want to let them down.

Thanks for blogging though for letting me learn a lot!
Beauty of Life

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