Sep 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Tetet!


Happy 24th Birthday Tetet! (I am sorry if I am not supposed to say your age, but trust me girl, we're not that old yet. lol)

Today is my bestfriend's, Tetet, birthday. We are thousand miles away from each other so I can't greet her normally. I sent her a text message though at exactly 12:00 midnight, Philippine time, but she said she didn't receive it so I gotta have another way to greet her without spending money (c'mom! let's be practical!). So, how here is my post. *grin*

Anyway, Tetet and me we're bestfriends since we were 7 years old and up to now that we are both 24, we are still the best of friends and nothing will ever change that. Though my husband is my best friend too but no one can replace Tetet in my life. She is literally the best of friend I ever had in my entire life. She is someone I can always count in times of trouble and "wala lang", (hehe), someone who always has a shoulder for me to cry on, someone who is always willing to listen to whatever I say (even nonsense ones), someone who understands me in whatever situation (though sometimes she tolerates my mistakes, but she would say it's wrong first then support me if she can't change my mind. hehe), and someone I had that you don't (lol). I am just one of those lucky people who has a bestfriend just like Tetet and I would say it and make a post about it over and over again.

I love you girl, I always will and I miss you a bunch and more
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