Sep 25, 2008

A Blog Dedicated To My Son


Once of the things that attached me so much in this blogging thing is the Mommy Community in the world wide web that I belong. Being a member in those communities had mean so much to me because I get to meet mommies and wives like me who blogs about their own experiences as a mother and a wife. And as a member of these communities, I get the chance to see their blogs which inspired me because of how they talk about every activities of their son. Well, I have been about that but not every single thing that my son is doing because the blogs that I had is not focusing on babies and related stuffs but with everyday living.

Now, I wanted to talk so much about my son. I am always proud of my son. I love him with all my life and I can't help not to talk about him. I consider him as a precious gift than nothing can ever compare. So, just yesterday, my son's 2nd birthday, I created a blog that I titled STARTS at TWO.

I have been thinking about for a few weeks but decided not to make until his 2nd birthday because it would be that blog's birthday.

I hope all the mommies out there can visit the blog that I only dedicate to my son and share with me the joy of motherhood. Feel free to leave a comment on that blog for exchange links. I would be very glad to list all the mom's site on that blog and here as well.
Beauty of Life

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