Mar 28, 2009

I'm a Facebook Fanatic

I'm sure everyone knew what I'm talking about when I say Facebook, right? If you don't, well, it's another social networking website where you can meet friends all around the world, do some online activities such as quizzes, interact with other members, etc. For me, it is another thing that I can do to pass time. I used to be at Friendster a lot of times but my sister-in-law introduced Facebook to me.

It has been a while since I updated it until the other day when my sister-in-law created a separate account for me and my hubby on her computer. Yes, her computer, because our good ole laptop is acting old so we're sharing computer with her for now. Hopefully not anymore soon. Now, almost everyday, I'm visiting my Facebook profile and interact with my friends there.

How about you? Are you a Facebook-er?

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