Jul 25, 2009

Summer means outdoors

Summer means outdoors. That's what I love so much about summer. I can stay outside more often [as long as I have sunblock on] than with other season. And outdoors also means more activities outdoor, thus, using outdoor furniture is perfect.

Speaking of furniture, I was browsing online when I saw this simple but lovely commercial furniture from commercialoutdoorpatiofurniture.com [see photo below]

Equinox Teak Sofa Loveseat

It is really a perfect sofa to be placed in your patio so that you can relaxed while cooking meat in the grill and the kids playing with their sandpit or mini pool. Family bonding, that is.

Have a fun summer everyone!

Beauty of Life

2 motorcycle accidents in 1 one day

When I opened my Yahoo! Mail today, I browsed through the latest news. It's been awhile since I go through those, so it took me awhile reading news that interests me. Then I saw a news dated June 25, '09 with the headline A Couple of Motorcycle Accidents in California Caused by Negligent Cagers.

The first one was caused by reckless driving. A woman driver of a 2004 BMW travelled with 100mph speed struck a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycle that threw the driver to the pavement, where he hit his head. He was taken to the hospital right away and was reported with stable condition while the BMW driver turned herself in according to the California Highway Patrol.

While the second one was way worse than the first one. The motorcycle driver was dead on the spot after being thrown from his motorcycle to the front side of a unidentified pick-up while stopped on a red light and a Silver 2005 Silver Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport SUV driven by 31-year-old woman running on 3-digit speed lost her control with the vehicle when she made a right turn.

I felt so sorry to the victim of reckless driving which are all happening everywhere no matter how strict the road patrols are, people still get out of their way on the road. We just all wish that things like this are not happening, if only drivers are careful with their driving. Also, Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney are more than willing to help out with cases like this. But still, it's always better to be careful than be sorry.

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Jul 22, 2009

Got a new phone but I'm not happy

I'm not happy not because I don't like my phone [Heck, I love it! I got Samsung Eternity!] but because I know that I don't deserve it.

My old phone [Samsung SGH-A737] was still working except that it keeps saying that the memory is full, thus, I can't browse through the Internet, check my Email, and send pictures/videos to Facebook & Youtube with it. We paid unlimited MediaNet for me to be able to do all those stuff coz I'm such a Net freak. I've been having that problem about couple of months ago but I was able to resolve it by deleting every single thing I can delete from my phone memory [ie Calendar reminders, ringtones, games, etc.] but I can't delete all the ones that came with the phone which consumed 90% of the memory. When I first got the phone and didn't have the external memory [microSD] yet, I was able to save a lot of pictures, reminders on my calendar, download music, and alot of stuff without having any problem. So I don't understand why after all the deletion of all the files that I made, it still saying that it doesn't have enough memory.

So earlier this morning, we went to the nearest AT&T store we have and found out that my phone got a water damage [damn!]. I'm not eligible for phone upgrade coz I just had that August of last year [a birthday gift for me from hubby]. Good thing though that hubby's phone is eligible for upgrade so we used his line to upgrade my phone and got a big discount, otherwise we could've paid the full amount and for sure I won't have the phone that I like.

Hubby, as usual, let me choose what I want and I have the Samsung Eternity. Sure is the phone is very pretty but I really don't deserve it. I felt so bad for not taking care of my old phone. And money is not easy nowadays [sigh..]. But still hubby never hesitated to buy me a new one and something that I want, and didn't got mad at me :-D.

Thank God for giving me such wonderful, loving, understanding, and giving husband!
Beauty of Life

Jul 21, 2009

I didn't lose weight but I got shaped

"I didn't lose weight but I got shaped"...at least that's what I thought and my husband told me so too.

I still can't believe how much I'm weighing right now. Even my old friends can't believe it as well. I'm used to be one the slimmest person in my circle of friends, but now, I'm the biggest. How sad is that?!

Actually, I am satisfied with my body right now except for my big belly. That wasn't a surprise though coz I already gave birth which stretched my belly. But I'm working on losing some weight now coz I don't wanna go overweight and risk myself of getting illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure coz those are the kind of illnesses that runs in our family. So I know that just one mistake, I may get those illnesses too.

Now, I'm working out whenever I have the time and if I don't, I'll find some time. I bought TAE-BO Get Ripped 2 [6 tapes] by Billy Blanks and do my TaeBo workout at least twice a week. For those days that I can't workout, I'll go swimming and have couple of rounds of freestyle. I also do about 3 sets of sit-ups almost everyday to tone down my belly. Of course, I'm watching my diet as well. Instead of 2-3 cans of soda a day, I only have it once week, sometimes none. I also have wheat bread instead of white bread. And before I used to eat greasy food such as burger and mozzarella sticks every single day, but now, NEVER.

So, those are the things that I'm doing to try to lose weight, be healthy, and get a shape. Also, I keep myself motivated for doing those things and I have to motivate me are my old clothes which are my favorite. Those clothes barely fit me anymore but I can't afford to lose them by giving them away or throwing them. So for me to wear them again, I need to lose some weight and have the body that I have when I used to wear those clothes, otherwise, buh-bye to them.

Anyway, there are some diet pills that can help lose weight faster. I've heard about ephedrine which is very effective. I know it was Nuphedra supplement that contains ephedra but when I searched it online, they are still in the process of reformulating their product. So I'll just wait for their new product coz I'm sure it'd be more effective.

So, to those who are trying to lose weight some me, stay tuned coz I'll be sharing more ideas on how to effectively lose weight.

Beauty of Life

I owe everything to God

This is another late post. I know I should've been posting this last week but I just never had a chance. Why? You will know later, so read on.

I am so thankful to our Lord above for all the blessings that I got from Him --everyday blessings and those blessings that I consider miracle for they don't always come in normal basis. I am talking about the things that I had been always asking from him --a job and our Greencard!

From the time I got a hold of my employment authorization card, I have looked for a job. I guess I submitted applications online and walk-in to more or less 50 companies. Yes, that's how hard I looked for one. It was hard for someone like me who never had experience working here [US] and being fresh from the boat. I even lose hope at some point but my husband has always been there to support and enlighten me [Thanx Hon! *wink*]. Finally, a company accepted me! T'was last week when I started my training and even the job itself before I even got done with my training. Today was my 2nd day of work and so far, I'm enjoying it! It's a pretty challenging job but I guess it is just a matter of getting used to it.

Last March 09, we applied for our [me and my son] adjustment of status. After the long wait [4 months] and a request for additional evidence [RFE], we finally got our Greencard! Which means that we're no longer out of status and we're free to travel in and out of the country when we want to. We no longer feel staying here illegally [though we never were]. It was such a relief! But we'll gonna see USCIS about 21 months from now for the removal of condition [permanent residency status]. And for now, we're just enjoying the moment without stress from USCIS.

I would also like to mention that yesterday was Our 1st Wedding Anniversary which is another blessing that we got. I know we're not married that long yet but we [me and hubby] are still glad coz we're able to get through the 1st-year-stage of our married life and just learned how much we love each other, now stronger and better than before.

So, for all those blessings we got, we owe them all to God coz they all came from Him. THANK YOU!

Beauty of Life

Jul 10, 2009

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