Mar 16, 2016

5 Jobs On The Side Anyone Can Do

I've been employed with three companies and have officially held four different positions, but I have done way more than that. I could say that one of my strength is flexibility and weakness is stagnation. I couldn't do the same thing over and over. If I've learned to do one, I always try to do something else.
In my 16 years of employment (not with the same company), I've done and learned so much. About 2 years out of that, I stayed at home to take care of my then toddler. And as much as I wanted to be a full-time mother, we couldn't financially afford it, so I worked from home until I was able to drive and get a full-time job. For the past 6 years, I was employed with the same company. Then, I left just last month to go full time with something that I've been doing part-time for a few months now.

If you're currently working full time right now, I assure you that you can easily do these jobs on the side. So, here are the five jobs that I did (still doing some) that anyone can do on the side. No special talents required.

5. Paid-To-Click (PTC). A lot of people are skeptical of this and I don't blame them, cos a lot doesn't know how it works. and are one of the most popular sites that will pay you to click. Basically, advertisers will pay these companies to drive traffic to their websites as part of search engine optimization. It's free to join and you will earn when you click on your assigned websites. But there's a minimum payout amount. Check out the websites to see specific rules.

4. Online Surveys. I used to do this a lot through (I.D.). Same with PTCs, it's free to join and there's a minimum amount payout requirement. Advertisers pay ID to send out surveys to consumers to help them with their marketing strategies and you'll get paid with each survey you complete. But beware because spammer takes advantage of these by collecting your email/phone numbers from the surveys also.

3. Online Selling. You pretty much can sell anything online. You can do so in your own blog or website, if you have one, OR in eBay or Craiglist. Nowadays, there are other apps that you can download on your phone to sell, like 5Mile. With my dream of owning an apparel store someday, I started selling online in this very site (Jona's Online Apparel Store) but obviously, it didn't go through cos I stopped doing it. I earned good but I had to keep an inventory which, of course, costs money and takes room for storage.

2. Paid Blogging. There are a few ways to earn money with your blog.
  • Paid Posting - you get paid with each post assignment you submit through websites such as,,, etc.
  • Blog Ads - through Google Adsense, you can post ads in your blog site and earn with each click made on those ads on your page from visitors. The more traffic or audience you have on your blog site, the better chances of earning good with this.
  • Affiliate Programs - you will get paid directly by the advertisers which are mostly online stores. When you visit websites like Amazon, eBay, etc., search for the affiliate program page, and you will find their specific rules.
1. Financial Associate. The last, but definitely not the least, is becoming a financial associate. Though the name may sound like a it's a complicated job, it isn't. In fact, I don't consider this a job. This isn't a full work-at-home job but it can become one when you get to a certain level.

As a financial associate, you are a business owner without the huge financial investment and an inventory to keep. The only investment you need is $100 and a lot of learning through meeting/training which anyone can learn on their own pace.

To become a successful financial associate, you need to understand the mission of the business which is to help people, financially, by learning what you are learning. And your income all depends on your commitment to grow in the business, on your own speed and destination.

If you want to know how to become a financial associate, check out "Join My Team" page for more information.

I hope you didn't come here to look for "get-rich-quick" kind of a job because I don't know one and haven't personally heard from anyone who became successful with it. I believe that success comes with hard work.

If you want extra income, you could try one or two from my list. I tried and tested them all. Not all of them may be able to provide you sufficient income, but you will never know until you try.

I hope this post could help you achieve your financial goal, somehow. Good luck to you!

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