Feb 27, 2009

What's keeping me busy lately?

If you have noticed, I haven't been blogging as much as what I used to. Well, something's just been keeping me busy these past few days. It's nothing important though. It's just one of my addictions lately.

Me and my hubby loves to play the Ticket To Ride board game but we just found out a couple of months ago that we can also play online and against other players from different countries which is more fun than just playing against each other the whole time. Since then, we play the game online every chance we get. So, that's what keeping me busy lately.

Now you know, please accept my apology for not being able to visit my blogger friends. I'll try to keep it up to you. Have fun blogging still and see y'all around.

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Socialize, Connect, Promote, and Share

Nowadays, we can easily connect with our friends all around the globe through the Internet. And just today, I discovered a new one, ACOBAY. It is another socialization network where we don't just connect, exchange messages and such, but we can also share our stuffs by creating a review about whatever we have such as computers, cars, magazines, etc. And it is also another way for bloggers to promote their blogs and websites by sharing it on Websites network or Anything network.

It is FREE to join, which means, it is free to meet more people and gain lots of friends all over the world. The best thing about it is you can meet your new friends by sharing common interests. If y'all love to talk about cars, then Automobiles network is right for you. You can even be in multiple networks if you choose to. There's no limit. You can have as much friends as what you wanted and connect with them by sharing your common interests.

I have even joined myself cos I just can't help it. The first time I've heard about it, I know that it'd be another interesting website to be at. So if you like collecting friends from all over the globe and talk about what you want to talk about, join us at Acobay.com. Don't be left behind, join the new trend, and make sure that it's the latest.

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Feb 24, 2009

I wanted an upgrade

Being at home all the time is SOOOO boring, so I always need to find something to entertain me. Good thing I can always find one, it could be blogging, answering personal surveys on Friendster, playing Ticket To Ride online, chatting with friends, or playing video games.

When I first got here, video games has always been my favorite pastime until I thought about getting an upgrade. My hubby has PS2 which was just given to him as a Christmas gift from his parents couple of years ago. I'm so bored with it cos there's not much games to choose from at the store since PS3 is out now. That's the reason why I wanted upgrade because there are more games available for latest consoles than the old one which what we have. But I don't when it would happen yet, hopefully soon.

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Feb 19, 2009

Convenient but not hassle-free

Having a car is convenient but not hassle-free. Convenient in a way that you don't need to commute for you to go anywhere, plus you can save a whole lot of time. But it's not hassle-free either cos you need to do maintenance of your car or else it won't live that long that you may end up wasting thousands for it.

It is always good to maintain your car's good performance by making sure that the automotive performance parts are checked regularly. That's what we do with our car and so far, so good. In fact, this is the first car that hubby has for the longest of time.

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Feb 17, 2009

Weird Encounter At The Park

We usually go to the park, at least once a week cos it is our family's way to bond. My son will play at the playground, while me and hubby (sometimes with Abi would join too) play frisbee, or just sit at the picnic table, eat pizza, and talk. I, actually, have my favorite park, somewhere in Round Rock, TX. It's near a small lake that has wild ducks, with tennis court, volleyball court, and playground. I like it cos I can relax by just watching the water at the lake. We also love feeding the ducks there. But if hubby's at work and Abi would want to go to the park, we'd just go to our subdivisions park which is just a five minute walk from our house.

Yesterday, me and Abi went to the park alone. He was the only one playing at the playground until a kid about his age with Grandma came about 30 minutes after we got into the park. The kid is so shy and wouldn't leave his Grandma's side while Abi's trying to grab his hand and guide him to the playground. While I was sitting down and just watching Abi confidently roam around, I ask the kid's Grandma how old is her grandson, I was so surprise with her answer, she said "Probably one and a half", then she asked me back, and I said, "Two and (paused while counting the months) five months". Then she said, "I think he is over two years now cos his birthday is on December 13. Yeah, I guess it's December 13. I'm not sure cos I'm just his Grandmother". I am so surprised cos when she is the Grandmother, she should know, right? But there could be a reason behind why she doesn't know his birthday and age. It could be the following:
-She has an old-timer's (alzheimer's) disease or memory gap;
-She wasn't told about her grandson's mother's pregnancy with that kid;
-Worst is, he may not be her grandson at all.

I got those opinions from hubby and my sis-in-law when I told 'em about it. But anyhow, it may be none of my business but I just felt so weird when I had that encounter with that old woman.

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Feb 13, 2009

Good way to display

We will talk about advertisement again here. If you think about how to advertise, it would not actually be a headache because there are lots of ways to advertise now. For example, in a trade you, you can simply your products in the trade show booths. And talking about trade show booths, there lots of ways to advertise or display your products, and that is what we're going to tackle in this post.

While searching about this, I stumbled upon Camelback Displays, Inc. website. They're one of most known company who offers all styles of banner stands such as indoor, outdoor, retractable (works like a projector screen), rod-tension style, adjustable, flying banners, and more, and it contains graphic designs with full printing to easily capture someone's attention.

Another way to diplay your products, logo, or tradement is with table skirts. We are still talking about trade shows here and if you have noticed, most tables in trade shows has covers. Camelback can put whatever display you want on the table skirt to, again, attract attention which is always our main goal in a trade show. Also, you can use Pipe and Drape displays which is made of aluminum pipes and fire retardant fabrics.

So, the choice is yours. I told, there are lots of ways to advertise and caught someone's attention with your product. Now, the only headache you'll have would be cause by deciding which one you want to do cos of the choices being offered.

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Feb 11, 2009

Toddlers in Tiaras Comment

I don't know how to start this, but here goes.

Today, I received a comment on my post Toddlers in Tiaras on my other blog, Starts at Two. The post is about my opinion about babies/kids that joins pageants cos I can relate to them cos I have been into pageants when I was just a kid too. And here is RossiPosse13's comment.

I don't see how you can sit here and tell everyone that beauty pageants are good, when they are honestly not. If a child is exposed to that much sexual behavior that has a good chance in encouraging that behavior for the rest of their lives. Child beauty pageants may also lead to depression or an eating disorder. And another thing, it can cause you a child to miss a lot of school and have such grammar problems as you. That is what beauty pageants did for you.

She/He made a point, actually. I'm not mad or anything about her comment but I actually find a way to further explain myself regarding my post. My post is just all about my own opinion but I can't believe how this commenter can give me such an insult. Anyway, I suggest that you read the post and tell me if there was a point I said that y'all put your child in pageants. Yes, I said it was good, in a way, which is true with what I've experienced cos again, I've joined pageants before and I never experienced the problems that she/he mentioned, except for the grammar problems though cos English is not my first language and I'd admit I have a few grammar lapses. But it's not about the grammar, it's the way she took my freedom of speech.

So, let me say this to ALL THE COMMENTERS out there, let's respect the author/blogger. If you can't say anything nice, just don't post your comment cos seeing a comment like this really hurts for someone being commented on. This is my first time receiving this kind of comment though and I don't know how big these kind of comments in the blogosphere. In my own opinion, bloggers are entitled to their own opinion and they don't violate any law as long as they're not saying anything against anything or anyone.

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Feb 10, 2009

10 months before the Holidays

I know I may sound crazy but I am already anticipating holidays again. I just love holidays, everything about it. Last year was the best holidays I ever had. Well, it may not be really the best cos it would have nicer if my parents were with me to celebrate it, but I know that one of these coming holidays, we'll be together again. I just call it the best cos it was my first holiday with my own family -- hubby and son together. And I also got some good stuffs from my new-found family, the Kuhns.

I also gave some gifts to them. I got hubby a nice watch. I originally wanted to buy the Bell and Ross watch but don't have enough cash to afford it though I still wanted to get him the one that I really like for him. But it's the thought that I always counts and I know how much he appreciated my gift for him.

Holidays is almost here again, 10 months from now (lol!).

Beauty of Life

Thinking about home theater

These past few days, me and hubby are discussing about getting a new home. We know we need to get a bigger one before my parents get here and we'll have our new baby which would be couple of years from now. I know it's not sooner yet but we're just starting to plan ahead.

He knows that I really wanted to have a home theater room and he wants it too cos we both love to watch movies and we pretty much like the same type of movies -- horror, comedy, and romance comedy. I know my parents loves to watch movie too so a home theater is where we'd all bond together.

In our home theater, I wanted to have at least a 75" HDTV, 4-6 Berkline seats, and surround sound system. If possible, I wanted to have a 4D effect too, but I don't know how to do that, so I'm not worried about that. Oh, I can't wait to have our house with a home theater.

Beauty of Life

The Trip

We have a very interesting day yesterday. Something that we don't want to happen again though.

Well, yesterday was my hubby's off so we decided to do some shopping cos we needed some things for the house. Before we left the house, I made sure that I didn't forgot anything. Double-checked the things that we needed to bring and do, then leave. But after couple of hours, I remember that I forgot to bring milk for our son. Yeah, he's a 2-year-old but he still has his milk, in a bottle. Anyway, we went back home and got his milk then we're on our way to the store again until I realized that I forgot my phone. Oh...me and my amnesia again. I just can't never leave the house without forgetting anything. That was the last thing that I forgot from the house though so finally was able to reach the store and did our shopping.

We left the store and pretty much confident that we got everything we wanted from there, until when we are almost home, hubby remembered that we need to get Grohe faucets cos we needed to replace some of ours. This time, it wasn't me having the amnesia, it's him.

I always hate it when those things happen but oh well, we finally got everything we wanted and needed, got home and never forgot anything.

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Feb 9, 2009

A vacation in London?

Every once a while, I'm thinking about having a vacation to another country. I love to travel and see different beautiful places. Who doesn't? The last time I thought about it, I wanted to go to London. It would be very nice to have a trip there and see the attractions that they're so proud of. I just happened to think about it when my mother-in-law was planning a business trip to London and she asked my help to search for London hotels. Then we went to check some things that she may be able to do in London while she's there.

Hopefully, me and my family can step in London soon. I'd love to visit another country and London is one of the beautiful places that I'd love to visit. Right now, I am already searching for cheap London hotels because who knows, we may be able to go there one of these days. At least, I'm prepared already by knowing the best place to stay there, price-wise.

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Feb 7, 2009

Activities day after day after day after day . . .

Honestly, I really hate staying at home cos I'm not used to it. I can remember when I was just a kid and not going to school yet, I barely stays at home the whole. I'm always found at the neighbor's house. Why? Because my parents has been working as far as I can remember and so they usually have our kind neighbor babysit me. And I never remember myself spending a day without going out from the house. But it's the exact opposite now. Do I hate it? Nope! Actually, I hate staying just at home all the time but I love being with my son the whole time. Though sometimes I wish I have my time alone and take a break from my son who can be a really terror sometimes, but generally, I like taking care of him instead of having someone else' doing it for us.

You may be asking, what we do at home 24/7? Well, as boring as it may sound but we do almost the same thing over and over again. Most of the time, I'm at the computer, blogging, earning money, and surfing with the TV on which usually on Nick Jr. channel cos my son loves their shows. If I'm not at the computer, I am watching TV with my son. I like WE, MTV, TLC, and REAL channels. So, yes, that's pretty much basically our daily activities. Am I bored? Sure is! But the fact that I've been spending most of my time (or all of my time) with my son makes me forget about boredom cos there's nothing more wonderful than seeing him grow, develop, and learn every single second of his life.

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Feb 6, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Yes, I am alive and kicking now! I am not fully well yet but I'm feeling better. Thanks to hubby's love, comfort, and support. I really felt safe when he's around.

Anyway, thanks for the readers who stopped by while I'm at rest and getting well. I appreciate all the comments that you've left on my blog.

To those who wants to be added in my blogroll, your wish is my command. Just check out my blogroll and scan for your name. I'm pretty sure I already added you all but if in case, my amnesia strike on me again and your blog is not on the list, please buzz me asap. Thanks for the patience (wink).

So, this is Mommy Jona, signing on to Blogging. :-D

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Feb 3, 2009

Feeling Terrible

I'm sick and I feel to terrible.

I think I got it from my son cos he has been sick before me. Good thing that he's feeling well now. I'd rather be sick than seeing him sick. I just can't stand seeing him suffer.

Hahay! Now that I want to blog again, I'm not feeling well. My brain just won't function normally (I guess it always doesn't eh? lol).

You'll see me back in blogging though if I'm well and I don't feel terrible anymore.

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Feb 1, 2009

Back in Blogging

I know, I have been gone for quite a while from blogging. Not being able to blog for couple of days makes me feel really bad. I was just so attached to an online game and me and my husband both loves to play, Ticket To Ride from Days of Wonders. We already have a board game of that game though but we're not satisfied with it. We love playing online cos we can play with more people than just the two of us, so it's more challenging. Really, that's the only think that's keeping me away from blogging.

But, i'll try to blog more regularly now though. Much more now that the PR of this blog had went back to big fat zero, sigh.

Anyway, good luck to Steelers and Cardinals for playing in Super Bowl right at this very moment. Hubby is a Steelers fan and so I'm their fan now too.

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