Jan 26, 2009

I can't imagine life without GOOGLE

When I first heard about Google, which was, of course, a few years ago, I thought that it is just another search engine, competitor of Yahoo, but as I've spent more and more time with surfing the net and all, I've realized that the Internet wouldn't be the same if Google didn't exist. Would you agree?

I already knew this before, but just couple of weeks ago, I found out how much more I can do with Google. It's not just a normal search engine, Google is everything you can ask for ONLINE. There's E-mail (Gmail), Blogging (Blogger), Instant Messaging (Google Talk), Business (Google Checkout), Advertising (Adsense), Documenting (Google Docs), and a lot lot more. Oh trust me, I've been using Google products more than what I've mentioned and they just made my online endeavor so much easier.

It was actually, Google Docs that made me realized all the importance of Google cos since the computer that I'm using which is my sis-in-law's doesn't have Microsoft Office, and I needed to use Excel and Word. But guess what, Google Docs has online version of Microsoft Office. So so so cool! Now, I'm doing my inventory and all about my business online, without having to worry about having Microsoft Office in any computer that I'm using. I wish I should've known that way too long ago.

With iGoogle as my homepage, I can easily be updated with my favorite websites and with the weather here and my home country, Philippines. It's very easy, as in, it's just one click away.

Oh, I can't say too much wonderful words about Google, I just love using it and I can never imagine my online life without it. Thanks G! :-)

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Jan 23, 2009

Looking for jobs online

Here in the US, it is really not hard to search for a job because almost everything can be found online. Whatever type of job you wanted or needed, you can easily find it online and you can apply for a lot of job at the same without leaving home and printing resumes. You can easily submit your resumes online and specify the kind of job you needed or manually search for a job and submit your resume to the specific job and company one by one. For example, you are looking for a sales jobs, you just go through the sales job list and submit your information to every company you wanna apply to. It's that easy.

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Natural Fat Burner

Have you heard about Decaslim yet? If not and you are looking for some natural diet pills, then you should know what it is.

According to some reviews I have read about DecaSLIM is it is a safe fat burner because of the natural ingredients it has. It is not just for losing weight, actually, but it is a good supplement for keeping your body healthy, overall. It contains the known 10 “Super Foods” (from TIME magazine) ingredients which are the following:
Green Tea - increases metabolic rate
Tonalin CLA - reduces body fat while preserving muscles
ViscoFiber - acts as an appetite suppresant
VitaBlue - provides antioxidant
BroccoPlus - extracted from the vegetable, broccoli that provides glucosinolates which aids in the liver function
Futureceautical’s Spinach - contains the important anti-oxidant that has been claimed to help increase energy levels
LinumLife - helps with acne and good skin
Lycomato - a source of lycopene that can help prevent DNA and cell damage, and support healthy skin
Allicin Powder - an aid in one's cholesterol level
Reservatrol - a good dietary supplement overall

They say that DecaSLIM is one of the best diet pills you can ever find, ingredients-wise and price-wise cos it only cost $39.99 per bottle which is good for full 30 days. You can visit their website to see some testimonials about the product and you can learn from them too.

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How diet pills work?

Lots of people who wants to lose weight fast nowadays, are using diet pills cos as we all know, it is the easiest way. But do you really know how it works and how it can help a person to lose weight? If you don't know yet, then here is something for you.

Diet pills is also known as anti-obesity drugs and it is the most common drug to reduce or control weight through altering appetite, metabolism, or absorption of calories. Depending on what type of diet pills you have, they have different functions. Some may release a chemical inside your body that goes through your brain and other main areas that affects your appetite. There are some that would help your body to reduce the fat absorption, thus, making your body fat-free. Then, there is also some that would help your body to increase metabolism which would make your body easily burn fats and other elements.

But know that diet pills have side effects too. So, before you get and try one, make sure that you did enough research about it, their side effects and functions.

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Jan 21, 2009

Publicizing your business

One way to earn more on your business is to publicize it because the more popular it is, the more possible buyers you could have. That is what I learned when I first started my small online business. And the easiest way to publicize your business is through digital signage. As we all know, digital signage is an electronic display that is installed in public places and it is used as a form of entertainment, information, and advertisement. The best thing about it is you can easily change the contents and it is more attractive compared to static signs.

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Jan 19, 2009

Addicted to Friendster....again!!

I can't believe that I'm into Friendster AGAIN. I'm just at home all the time, with my son, and I just can't think of anything else to do but to be online. Then, all I usually do online is to blog. But these past few days, I'm back to friendstering again.

Well, I'm not as addicted as what I am when i first sign-up for it and when it was first became a big trend. That was way back when I was still in college. I guess it's somewhere in 2003. We used to go in an Internet cafe, with my college friends, and go online as long as we can afford to (money wise). I am such as friendster fanatic that I always have profile updates every single day, whether it could be new pictures uploaded or template is changed.

Now, I don't upload photos and change background that much but I love to post and answer surveys in the bulletin board. I just enjoy doing it. Sometimes I answer it seriously but sometimes, just to have an answer in it (hehe), but it's all about fun and I don't think the people who read them thinks that it contains 100% serious answers.

So, if you have friendster account, just visit my profile at friendster.com/jonaver and add me as your friend. I'll see ya there! :-)

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Jan 17, 2009

Bad weather in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

It has been raining unstoppably for couple of weeks in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Due to that, it has been flooding in some part of the city too which already killed a number of people.

I am so worried about my parents 'cos they're currently residing there right now and it's just the two of them there. Though they're living in the high land part of the city but still, the weather is not good. There's just nothing I can do right now but to pray to God for their safety all the time.

I have been checking on the Internet about the latest weather forecast and I am somewhat happy of what I found.

It seems that the rained has already stopped though according to the weather forecast prediction that there will still be possibility of rain early next week but most of the time the weather is clear. I hope that the weather would stay good.

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Jan 16, 2009

One of my favorite pastime

Aside from blogging, I have a few more pastime activities, such as playing computer games (online and offline), crocheting, and reading books.

I used to have a lot of books way back in the Philippines, but since I needed to limit my luggage when I came here, I need to leave them because my first priority to carry most of my clothes. That was really sad. But I am glad that now I am starting to collect books again. Thanks to Amazon books for providing a wide selection of books that I like.

So, even if I left my favorite books in the Philippines, I am starting to have them again by buying another one.

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Good thing, we don't need it right now

I am talking about the air conditioning compressor in our car. For some reason, it's not working properly. It takes longer than normal to start up and it is not supposed to be doing that. It's really a good thing that we don't need air conditioning in our right now, except for the heater though. I guess, we will not be needing it for couple of months, during winter season, but I hope that it would be fixed before winter ends or else, it would be really miserable inside our car.

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Jan 14, 2009

Back from a short vacation

I'm back now from our short vacation at my in-laws ranch. It was a short 4-day vacation but it was a lot of fun. Read my post about it -- click here. But I'm gonna share some of our pictures here with you.

The work shop at the background and my son in front, posing too.

The 8 deers eating from the feeders being setup by my father-in-law

The ranch's starting point

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Something to fight boredom

Ever since I got here in the US, I had always been at home with my two-year-old son and it was not that easy for me. I was used to be out from the house because I was able to get a job right after I finish schooling. Staying at home is so boring, plus I do not earn as much money as what I should earn when I have a job. Good thing I found Online Gambling which is my source of entertainment and I can win cash prizes at the same time.

I am not really gambler but I enjoy playing casino online. I do not go out to gamble and everything like that. I just wanted something to fight my boredom and at least I can win money too.

So, if you love Slots and Casino, play online and enjoy the comfort of your home and win big cash prizes at the same time.

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My idea of losing weight

Losing weight is really not that easy. I guess many can prove that and trust me, I have been trying to do so for couple of years already to no avail. But I think I know the reason why.

As we all know, the easiest way to lose weight is by taking weight loss pill. Sure, it can do a lot of help for losing weight fast, but it's not just all about that. For losing weight, you need to have determination for you to succeed. You can't just depend on the pill to do the magic for you, but you also need to work on it. For me, if you really want to lose weight, you need to do a lot of exercise and have a balance diet. If you those three things together, there's no doubt that you can achieve the weight that you wanted.

I haven't tried it for myself yet but I've known some people who did those and they really did lose weight. Good for them.

Beauty of Life

Jan 9, 2009

On Break 'Til Tuesday

Yes, I'd be on break 'til Tuesday 'cos we'll go visit my in-laws ranch out in Rockspring, TX. We'll leave home tonight after hubby would be out from work. It'd be about 4-hour drive from our home, Pflugerville, to the ranch, so it'd be a long drive for us.

I am very excited 'cos a nature person. I'd like to be out in the nature. The ranch basically is located out of nowhere. They said that it's far from the city. This would be my first time to go there too, that's why I'm so excited.

So, I'll see y'all when we get back which would be this coming Tuesday, January 13th.

Happy blogging everyone! :-)

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A new look for a new year

It's New Year which means a new home for us. We don't necessarily need to transfer to a new home in a new location, but what I'm saying is, giving our home with a new look. Somehow, make it a little different than the usual. The house where we are right now has always looked the same for like 10 years already, probably more. So, I wanted to give it the change.

The first thing I noticed is the old-fashioned lighting. At least for me, it is. One of my goals in giving this house a new look is for it to look modern and still comfortable to live at. Since one of the old-looking things here are the lights, I would like to replace most of them with george kovacs lighting. It's one of the most fabulous modern lights I saw when I went shopping for lighting. I also fell in love with the fine art lamps. They all look so lovely. Though I can't find a place in our to where I can put them yet but I'm pretty sure that I am going to get one.

For now, I am fixing the lighting yet and start the modern look with it. Then, I'll do more stuffs like the painting, furnitures, etc. and hoping to achieve the look that I wanted for this house. I have a lot of idea in my mind now though and I'm so excited to implement them.

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Visit M y Store

I'm trying to start an online business here by selling good quality apparels for a price that anyone can afford. I'm not selling a bunch yet for now, but slowly but surely, I'd like to fill my store with a lot of stuffs that you can choose from. Actually, right now, I just have Sweaters with turtleneck design for warm and comfort for this winter season. I am selling it for just as low as $7.95. You can choose between red or blue and any sizes is available. Visit my store now and check out my apparels. :-)

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Jan 7, 2009

Article submission to boost SEO

Maintaining a website or blog is never easy in comes to SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Though SEO shouldn't be that important for someone who is maintaining just a personal blog like me but I am concern about it because I don't want to be the only one reading my posts. The main reason why I blog, and I guess most bloggers do, is to express my thoughts and ideas and try to inspire some people who can relate to me all around the globe. And how to do that? By working on our site's SEO.

There are lots of ways to boost SEO of one's sites. In fact, you can simply type the SEO keyword on your Google Search bar and you can see the list of good articles that talks about SEO. I have read a few articles and did their suggestions, that is why I was able to maintain my Page Rank since I got it last October.

The easiest I know though to boost your site's SEO is to submit articles. But you don't just submit articles, you need to submit GOOD articles. Something that would entice the readers to read more of your articles because that's the main way for SEO, to have good contents. The readers would search for articles in an article directory and if you submitted good article, more and more would want to read it and everything would follow.

Article submission is very easy as long as you know that you can publish good articles and it is one of the effective ways to generate SEO.

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She's too good to be true

I have another favorite TV show, Momma's Boys, a new show on WeTV that is shown every Thursday. Last Thursday was the first time I watched it and I don't know for sure that it was it's first day or what. Momma's Boys is a reality show where there are three young men who would try to select from about 50 girls (probably more) to be their girlfriend and my favorite part of it is, the boys' Moms would live with the girl in one house until the search is over and the guys had selected the winner.

Among those girls who wanted to win the guys' heart, they terminated about 20 (or more) of 'em that night. Then there was one girl who looks so innocent and every girls there like her so much. Among the three boys, online one wanted her to stay and know her more, but instead of staying like what all the other girls would do, she resisted 'cos there's still one girl left aside from her that the guys needs to talk to and decide whether she stays or not. If the innocent girl will stay, the other girl will automatically be terminated and that was the reason why the innocent girl refuses to stay.

Everyone cried when she said her last message to the guys. She said, "I appreciate that you wanted me to say, really, I appreciate it 'cos no one had ever said that to me, but I'm already fine with that and you deserve her than me so I can't stay", while crying.

Oh, if you'd only see her, she's like an angel. She looks so innocent and smiles sweetly. No one could ever dislike her.

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Jan 6, 2009

Safety comes first

It sadden me so much when I heard the news about someone died in the hospital because of not properly cleaning their equipments. I, honestly, don't have any idea what are the standard operating procedures in the hospital for cleaning their equipments and everything like that, but I know for sure that all hospital staffs knows that safety should comes first always, so they should always have the safety equipment needed for any medical procedure. There shouldn't be any case like someone died because the hospital is not clean. It is ridiculous to know that even in the hospital we won't be safe.

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Stainless Steel Decors For Home and Business

Stainless steel decorations are good because they lasts very long, in fact, in can last forever too that is why I prefer using them than plastic or wooden materials. On The Stainless Steel Store, you can find all the stainless steel products that are useful in your home or in kind of establishment such office, hospital, etc.

They have a wide selection of stainless steel home decorations such as the Blomus Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Picture Frame that you can use to display captured moments. And with the stainless steel material, you can be sure about the quality. One of the advantages of the stainless steel decorations is it can never be out from the trend and style, plus it looks elegant too.

For any establishment, you can have lots to choose from too and surely be useful such as the Blomus Stainless Steel No Smoking Sign if you have a no smoking policy in your establishment or building. With the stainless design and material, you will not be worry about it being cracked or wet because it will never be. You can also find products for security such as the Stainless Steel Locked Key Box to keep all the keys and prevent anyone from using it except who has the key to open it.

So, if you are looking for a decoration that will last long, consider the stainless steel products and you can never go wrong with it. Did I also mention that it is easier to clean stainless steel than plastic and wooden materials? Now, I did (grin).

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Jona's Online Apparel Store - Good Quality Apparels in Affordable Prices

I am trying to start an online business by selling Good Quality Apparels in very Affordable Prices. And since it's winter season, here are some knitted sweaters for y'all to keep you warm and comfy.

These are brand new Debbie Morgan Longsleeve Knitted Sweater with Turtleneck design comes in blue or red colors. Design for comfort and for keeping you warm during the cold weather.

MATERIALS: 100% acrylic

MADE IN: China

WASHING: Machine cold wash with same color using mild detergent. Warm dry in a laundry dryer. Do not iron.

To purchase, just select which color and size you'd like then type in the quantity in the space provided. Then click the "BUY" button. You will then be directed to your Shopping Cart, then will ask you to sign-in to your PayPal account for payment. You will not be charged immediately. Once you click on Place Order button, that's when you'll be charge on your PayPal account. It's 100% Secured 'cos the shopping cart is powered by Mercantec E-Commerce Express.

Sweater (Red)
Size:  Small
Sweater (Blue)
Size:  Small

These products does really have good quality that would surely last. You won't regret buying any of my items.

PAYMENT: Accepts PayPal and Google Checkout.

SHIPPING: Will be processed on the same day the order was made and fully paid. Will only shipped in 50 US States.
Standard Shipping (5-7 business days) - $5.00
Fast Shipping (3-4 business days) - $10.00
Express Shipping (1-2 business days) - $15.00

For any questions and concerns, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an email at admin@jonaverslife.com

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Jan 3, 2009

Getting paid to blog as my favorite part about blogging

It's been a year since I started this blog. Honestly, I didn't realize it until today. I couldn't even believe that I have been expressing my thoughts, talking about some part of my life, and appreciating good things in life through this blog. What I like most though about blogging is getting paid to blog. I guess, most bloggers do, right? I mean, c'mon! Who would not want to earn by simply blogging?

Anyway, being paid to blog is just one of the few advantages in blogging. I met a lot of good people in the cyber world and learned lots of things. There are lots of good things that you can get from blogging. So, if you haven't started blogging yet, don't be left out, start now! (wink).

Since I mentioned about my favorite part about blogging, which is getting paid to blog, let me tell you the easiest way to do so, it is by using sponsorship on your blog. It's pretty easy. To understand more, you can read the blog post, Use Sponsorship To Earn Money Through Your Blogs! from PayingPost.com. And to start it right now, just simply sign-up to PayingPost.com if you already have a blog. Why PayingPost? Because their opportunity creation fee is 50% less compared to their competitors.

Blog advertising network

I am a stay-at-home Mom so paid blogging gave me the income while being at home and taking care of my son. And with the income I had, I was able to buy some things I needed without asking my hubby (grin). What more can I say? I just love blogging and love it more because I am earning from it. How about you?

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Jan 2, 2009

Happy 51st Birthday My Beloved Mamang!

Yes, today's my beautiful mother's 51st birthday. She may doesn't want me to announce her age but I can't help it. Anyway, she does look younger than her age, right? hehe.

But unfortunately, I'm not with her right now to celebrate her birthday. I always wish I am. We are thousand miles away from each other right now. And this is her 1st birthday where I'm with her.

I remember her last year's birthday, I bought cake and ice cream for her. It was supposed to be my wedding day but was postponed for some reason. We're so tight on money that time and it was her 50th birthday. I really wanted to give her a big celebration, just like what she wanted, but we just can't afford to do it that time. But I know, she was still very happy 'cos we're still together and happy.

But today, we're not together anymore. I know how sad she is. Though I don't want to think about it 'cos it's hurting me so much, but there's nothing that we can do. We already accepted the fact about our distance though but it's still sad to think about it.

I know that a few years from now, I'd be with her to celebrate her birthday again and we can't wait for it. Just thinking about it, without any definite plans yet, makes me very excited. But for now, I'll just greet her Happy Birthday with a kiss I blew that for sure will reach her in time.

Abi, Mamang, and me of New Year 2008

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Mamang!
I Love You So Much!

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Because of the shoes

Last night, while we were traveling to home from the Church, we're tuned in to Magic --.- radio station. That's always my hubby's favorite station and had become my favorite too when I got here 'cos they play music that we can relate to or something that we both like. Anyway, while listening to it last night, they have caller who sent them an e-mail a few months back. She was telling Delilah (the DJ), on air, about the e-mail that she sent.

It was about her friend. Her friend has been married for a few years and wasn't bless with a child after their one and only son passed away. So they donated all of his son's clothes to a charity based in Japan. But a few years, they decided that they'd adopt a child and coincidentally that child that they could adopt lives in Japan. After a long process for the adoption, they finally flew to Japan to fetch their adopted child. Once they saw the child, they're so surprised to see that the child is wearing the exact shoes that she donated to the charity, which was her son's. She knew it was her son's shoes 'cos it has a name of him printed inside the shoes 'cos they were asked to do it by his teacher when he was going to school so that they can easily find the shoes in case they'll be lost.

To make the story short, a miracle happened to them. Of all the children in the charity and of all the clothes that were donated, the child that they adopted got the shoes that was once owned by their late son.

Honestly, I had goosebumps while I listened to the story. And that couple, which was the caller's friends, wasn't blessed with their own child but they were still blessed 'cos no doubt that the child they adopted was really meant for them, 'cos of the shoes.

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