Dec 13, 2015

The Unspoken Goodbye

Today, we said our last, most painful, goodbye to my brother, Jack Obon.

The last time I saw him was around 6 years ago. After then he would message me every so often. And when he does, I was more annoyed than grateful because he would only do so when he needs something. Except for the last one. He said, "dako naman diay si Dion, Gang" (Dion is bigger now, Gang). 'GaGang' is my nickname. And I still chose to ignore it, unbeknownst that it was his last message sent to me.

Time, we can't take it back. What has been done was done. We can only think back and wished we've done things differently but it meant nothing for the past. We can learn from it and use it for the future but there are things that just can't be undone.

I'm almost certain that my brother would have done a lot of things differently if he got the chance, but he didn't. Never will.

One thing that brother has been known for is running away. He avoids facing the problem or confronting anyone without physically hurting them. If he can't hit you when he is mad, he leaves. He never says goodbye! He always comes back though. Whether it be in a couple hours, few days, months, in a year or so, we would always see him again until last Saturday, December 5th 2015 -- he left yet again without saying goodbye and we know for sure he ain't coming back.

Once again and for the last time, my brother left us with his unspoken goodbye. So long, Kuya!