Mar 20, 2016

Meet John and Jane

If you're like John, you're already halfway to a good future.
Check out the below clip to see what John is doing.

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Mar 17, 2016

At The Moment

It's Thursday and spring break. Mom's not working and the kiddo plus a friend are bored. What's something fun to do? The kids said "swimming!!!!".

Swimming it is. So, currently...

...we're at the pool, in a 70 degrees overcast weather. I am not in the water but I can feel the chilly breeze while the kids doesn't care about how freezing the water feels.

...listening to my Spotify "luv luv luv" playlist with "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston is currently playing. No, not sentimental at the moment. Just like having this playlist on cos I have it available offline. Saving data is the plan!

Also, can't help but hear the kids' laughter along with splashing water.

...eating Big Mac that my awesome husband brought me. I left home to take kids swimming as soon as I got out of bed. So I had to ask him to pick me something to eat on his way home from the store. It's not my favorite, but when you're hungry, guess anything edible works.

...thinking about my long term goals and also the short term ones. But just recently, I've been focusing more on the long term. Thus, I made the huge decision in becoming unemployed and owning a business with WFG.

I know it won't be an easy way but just like any other job, nothing is easy at first. It takes time, a lot of trial and errors, and the right people with the same vision. I may not know what's along the way, but I know for sure what my goal is.

I hope everyone is having a great day so far! Happy Thursday y'all!

How To Master Any Skill

No skill is hard if you set your self to master it.

Mar 16, 2016

5 Jobs On The Side Anyone Can Do

I've been employed with three companies and have officially held four different positions, but I have done way more than that. I could say that one of my strength is flexibility and weakness is stagnation. I couldn't do the same thing over and over. If I've learned to do one, I always try to do something else.
In my 16 years of employment (not with the same company), I've done and learned so much. About 2 years out of that, I stayed at home to take care of my then toddler. And as much as I wanted to be a full-time mother, we couldn't financially afford it, so I worked from home until I was able to drive and get a full-time job. For the past 6 years, I was employed with the same company. Then, I left just last month to go full time with something that I've been doing part-time for a few months now.

If you're currently working full time right now, I assure you that you can easily do these jobs on the side. So, here are the five jobs that I did (still doing some) that anyone can do on the side. No special talents required.