Oct 17, 2010

A week ago

My last post was already a week ago. Time does fly so fast. I thought it was just yesterday. And we already passed half of the month, two more months and it would be another year. Time is really moving so fast, it scares the hell out of me. Though I am looking forward for the next year because me and Andy were planning something big and in God's willing, we'll receive the answer to our prayers.

And so I realized that there's really not enough time for us to dilly-dally. We should not take our time for granted. As the saying goes, "Live like you'll gonna die tomorrow". Enjoy life, at the same time, do good because you won't know if it would be the last time. But again, it's easier said than done. I'd be a hypocrite if I would say that I'm actually doing what I just typed. I actually felt like I have wasted so much time already and I'm saying right now that I don't wanna waste more but I doubt it would ever gonna happen. We'll see and maybe I'll let you know.

For now, let me end this post by saying Goodnight! :) xoxo

Oct 10, 2010

My New Facebook App Addiction: Millionaire City

Oh yes, I'm addicted to a new app I just found recently on Facebook. After successful avoiding farm apps, a new one hooked me up. I'ts "Millionaire City"!

Why and how were the big questions. Why...because with this game, I can call myself a millionaire. At least, at a point in my life, I was once a millionaire! LOL. How...I just found an ad by Facebook on side panel of their home page and voila! I just found myself clicking stuff on this virtual world--build buildings, decorations, signed a contract, make an investment. And guess what?!? I now have 4 Facebook accounts just for this game. Two are dedicated to it as part of my successful investments.

I know, I'm nuts! But hey, at least I'm doing this instead of other bad vices, just like what I always tell my husband for his addiction with online Ticket To Ride and Car Town, "that's fine, since you don't waste money, only time...just make sure, when I tell you to help me with this and that, you'll be right there right away and your games are not excuses" and he's good with that.'

Anyhow, it's getting late and tomorrow's Monday so I'd be hitting the sack now. Good night all!

Oct 9, 2010

Writing about nothing

Type, backspace. Type, backspace. Type, backspace. That's what I have been doing for this past 10 minutes or so. I wanna blog about something. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind right now. Before, I used to just start typing and before I knew it, I already typed what I needed to type. Now, the thoughts are just there but it won't pass through my fingertips. I can't put them into words. So for now, I'm blogging about nothing. I know this has something to do with me not blogging for quite a while now. I keep procrastinating and of course, it just stays like that.

Anyway, I just want to put something in my blog. I know this is senseless but hey this is my blog!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. :)