Jul 31, 2008

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Just woke up

I just want to take picture of my son yesterday when he just woke up. Isn't he cute? :-)

He would be 2 years old this coming September and I can really see his development as he gets older. Now he has his own bed and he sleeps better on it now compared to when he slept on his bed alone on the first night we got it. It is just so amazing how child develop and grow into adult, right?


My favorite wedding song - On This Day

On This Day lyrics
By: David Pomeranz

Here we stand today
Like we always dreamed
Starting out our live together
Night is in your eyes
Love is in our hearts
I can't believe you really mine forever
I feel rehearse in for this moment in all my life
So don't act surprise
If the feelings start to carry me away

On this day
I promise forever
On this day
I surrendered my heart
Here I stand take my hand
And I will follow every word that i say
On this day

Not so long ago
This heart is just a fill of golden lonely space
Without you
Now everything's all right
Now everything's refill
And the story of my life
Is all about YOU

So if you feel the cold winds
blowing through your nights
I will shelter you and forever
here that tears your fear away

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus with one fret higher

=== This is the song that me and fiance chose for our first wedding dance, hopefully, by mid of this year. Isn't it wonderful??? Each time I hear this song, it would make me fall in love over and over again ===

Jul 30, 2008

Abi's New Look

The above pictures are my son's. On the left side, he has long hair then which makes him looks like a girl, right?! He is always mistaken as a girl if he has his hair long. His hair is very healthy and it grows very fast, and he doesn't like haircut. Back in the Philippines, we brought him once to a hair salon to have his hair cut, though it was cut shorter but it didn't turn out well coz he hates it and got upset.

But his Daddy brought him to have his hair and Daddy's hair cut and his Daddy did a good job. I don't know how they're able to cut his hair coz I wasn't there but they made it and that is again my son on the picture on the right side.

So, which do you think looks good on him?


Jul 29, 2008

My husband about 25 years ago

While me and Andy was browsing their family albums last sunday, I found this picture of him that amused me so much because of his smile (his trademark smile) and his hair. This is his picture about 25 years ago. See how cute he is...hehehehe. I used to tell him that he's really cute when he was just a kid and a teen ager and he would poke me everytime I'll say that. I don't know if he thinks that he is still cute until now or he thinks that he was never cute. Hmmm .. I will ask him about that later. hehehe.

Anyway, when I saw this picture and all of his other picture when he was younger, I imagine myself that when we met when he was at this age, I would still fall in love with him.. He is always a cutie to me though until now. hehehe. Actually, he would always be the most handsome man in my life because he is my husband and I am very proud of that.


Such a whiner


I am talking about Pearl, the white cat in the house, the one who's on the above pictures. She is such a whiner. Those pictures are taken yesterday while I was in the computer and she wanted attention again. She whined and grabbed for hands so that I can pet her. She whines a lot as if nobody has given her attention while each time she wants attention, we give her that attention. But actually, as what I have observed, Pearl doesn't whine as much as she used too when I was not hear and Andy would just tell me about her. I really can hear her on the phone whining while Andy's talking to me. Before I came here, I was thinking that me and Pearl can't be friends coz she might get jealous of me coz I'll be having Andy's attention most of the time. But I guess I was wrong, Pearl was happy that I am here coz she can get more attention from me now. That's why every chance she gets and that is when Abi is not around or he's asleep, she would go to me and whine as much as she can.


Jul 26, 2008

Finding the MAN OF MY DREAMS

Was it hard? For me, I think it was coz I am a strong believer of "she who seeks for him shall find him". I searched for him on my own until I found him. It was hard coz while I was searching for him, I met few man which I had mistakenly thought as the one that I am looking for, but they came in and out of my life and hurt me badly. But the good thing about having few wrong men before having the right one is that you become strong and tough enough to face all the struggles that may still come your way. I am thankful to have those wrong men in my life coz they made me realize what true love is, it is never about physical and material things in life, but it's about emotional and the most important is SPIRITUAL coz above all, GOD was the one who brought you both together and gave you each other as blessings.

I found my man through the Internet. Now a days, it's not unusual coz I have met lots of people who found the love of their lives through the Internet. Thanks to everyone who contributed the invention of computers and Internet. As I have mentioned earlier, I was searching, so I met lots of man and communicated with them the same way I communicated with my husband(now). I met Andy though Just Say Hi dating website around February 2007. But among those men, Andy(my husband) was the one who proposed marriage first after a couple of months of exchanging very long emails containing updates about our everyday lives and getting to know each other. Though I turned him down the first time but he never felt bad about it coz he knows that he did it too soon and it kinda scared me. We were still communicating, but more intimate after that proposal. Just then I realize that I am falling in love with him and never wanted to let go of him anymore. So, we got engaged on June 6, 2007.

Then he went to the Philippines to meet me in person and meet my friends and relatives too. He arrived in Cagayan de Oro City where I was residing that time due to work on September 12, 2007 and we proved to each other that what we felt all through out the time we spend on the Internet was true, we are indeed madly in love with each other.

We then process mine and my son's visa for us to be able to join Andy and start our new lives and build our dreams together. After a seem to be never-ending process, we received our visas on May 30, 2008 and arrived at our new home on June 11, 2008.

Being in a totally new place away from my friends and family was never easy but I still enjoyed every moment of it spending it with Andy and my son alone. I also met new friends from the church who were always there for us to help and support us with whatever we needed and Andy's family who always made me feel that I am already part of the family.

Finally, last July 20, 2008 I am then MRS. ANDY KUHN and I felt so blessed of having Andy in my life. We share our dreams and plans in the future together. He never let me down and I will do the same for him. I am always thankful that I found him coz he is always the man of my dreams. Someone who treats me right, very right that you can never ask for more. Someone who makes me feel beautiful with his stares, someone who makes me feel secure with his touches, and someone who makes me feel loved with all of his actions. He is everything every single woman dreamed to have and I know that I am more than lucky to find him. It would maybe wrong to say that he is perfect coz no one is perfect but I am certain he is the next thing to perfect.

>>>> Honey, you know that I love you and I always will, beyond death and beyond eternity, I will always be the person whom you've known from the very first day God has let our paths cross. I love you so much and nothing and no one can ever change that. <<<<

To know more about us and our story,
visit our website:
Love in Distance


Jul 23, 2008

What a wonderful world

Hi to everyone who visits my blog! I am very happy today, happier than my normal days and just last Sunday, I know I am the most happiest person in the whole world coz it was my WEDDING DAY. I am very happy and blessed to marry a man that is perfectly for me. A man that I know that God has given to me to love me and I would love in return. He is everything I wanted and I could not ask for more.

Then, of course, after the wedding, the honeymoon followed. We went to San Antonio, TX and stayed for 3 nights there right after the wedding. We actually traveled with my gown and his suit on and of course, the traditional polish on the car saying "Just Married".

That is the reason why it took me long to update my blog. To know more about our love story, you can check on our website, Love in Distance. Of course, I will be posting here some things that happened during those special event that has happened in my life.

Keep reading! =)


Jul 17, 2008


At last, I purchased a Domain, so now it is www.jonaverslife.com instead of jonaverslife.blogspot.com. But to those who have my blog site on their Blog Rolls, don't worry because jonaverslife.blogspot.com would redirect to www.jonaverslife.com, thanks to Blogger for that.

Anyway, I purchased my domain name at GoDaddy.com coz that is what I always see on TV and they said that they're on SALE right now. My domain name is worth $6.99 which was originally $9.99 as the regular price of GoDaddy.com.

Actually, I am not really sure how much are the prices with other companies but whatever, I am very satisfied now and happy coz finally I got my own domain name. Yehey!! :-)))


Jul 16, 2008

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I am a mommy myself and stays at home with my son and believe, I am earning online through this blog and SocialSpark. It doesn't take much of my time to earn through blogging so I still have most of my time to spend with my son, do the household chores, and just do anything I wanted to do more. Through blogging and SocialSpark, I earned money, spend time with my family, do the chores, and save for the future. In short, it just makes the lives of Mommies practical and even better.

So, to all MOMMY BLOGGERS out there and to those Mommies who hadn't joined the Blogosphere yet, join SocialSpark now and be a HAPPY MOMMY like me.
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Abi's a Big Boy now

It is really hard to put Abi to sleep. Back in the Philippines, he is used to having someone beside him when he sleeps, my parents which would be his grandparents are beside him every night. Now, since we live in the US, they don’t let their children sleep with them in the same bed or even in the same room. Since we know that it would be hard for Abi to put him in a separate room, we just had a crib for him. We used a crib coz since he is not used to sleeping himself, he may roll over and fall off from the bed.

The other night, I decided to remove front side rail of his crib coz I wanted him to learn on climbing up his bed alone. Then, when it was bed time, as usual he asked for milk, which means that he is sleepy. His Dad put his bottled milk on his bed, he got it and drink it on his bed until he fell asleep. Though we were expecting that to happen but we’re still very surprised and HAPPY that finally, he slept on his own and on his own bed. This may sound silly, but me and Andy went out from the room and DANCED for joy. LOL


Jul 15, 2008

Bridal Shower

My Wedding Day is fast approaching and I am really really excited. Though it is kinda stressful due to lots of preparations and wanted to make sure that everything is in the right order, but I know it will be all worth it. I think I am one of those lucky ones who has lots of new friends (shall I say new parents) who are always there to help us out with the wedding preparations and all.

Last Sunday, Sister Shirley, who acts as a real mother to me, held a Bridal Shower for me. It was so touching to know that everyone wishes us a Happy Married Life and more people are willing to be there for us whenever we need help or anything. Almost everyone in the Church were invited by Sister Shirley. Lots of foods are served and lots of gifts from everyone, it was very overwhelming, I can't believe we are having this kind of attention from everyone here. I always want to Thank GOD for everything HE has done for me, for my Family, and for Andy. HE planned this all and though I don't deserve this but HE always believes that I DO.

The following are pictures of everyone who were there at the Bridal Shower, last July 13th, 12:30PM at the Iglesia Ni Cristo compound in Austin.

These are some of the gifts that we received. I wanna say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for this wonderful things that they gave us(or just me! hehe).


Jul 11, 2008

PinayMommy's Link-Me-Up Promo

Pinay Mommy Online has a Birthday Bash promo because her birthday is coming up. The promo would run from July 1-20. To join, you only need to link her six blogs and by joining, she will also list your blog on her Blogroll and send you 100 Entrecard credits. Then, if you would be the lucky blogger to be chosen as the winner, you'll have $50 sent directly to your Paypal account. Isn't that cool?!

Anyone can join the contest just as long as you have your own blogsite. Know more about the Birthday Bash Link Me Up Contest here.

And, here are PinayMommy's six wonderful blogs:


Helpful sites for Visa Filers

When I started filing for our visa, I didn't know that there are some forums out there that are very helpful because everyone in the forum are helping each other through all the process of the visa filing.

We only hire a lawyer to file for the visa, or shall I say to file the petition, which are not that helpful to us. I still didn't regret it though coz somehow they have provided us some knowledge about the visa filing.

But for those who are planning for file a US visa, specifically fiancee visa (coz that's what my visa is), I suggest that you sign-up to forums like World of Filipinas and Visa Journey and you'll learn a lot from that forum.


Best Crime Film

Last night, we bought a DVD of the film Wild Things. It starred Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Matt Dillon, and Kevin Bacon.
A crime film that would really play into your brain and squeeze it in solving the mysterious crime.

My fiance pick it up from the shelves while we're doing our grocery shopping and insisted that we should really watch it coz he knows that I will surely like it. So, we watched it. While watching the movie, I got really thrilled by how the story runs. It is about a sex crime and what remains mysterious in the whole movie was who is the real suspect. Mind you, if you watch this movie for the first time, don't guess coz you can never guess, trust me! hehe. But I like it so much and I recommend it to everybody who hadn't watch it yet. You'll like it too.


Jul 10, 2008

Work Of Art

Does the title fits the picture? Well, it does for my son. I think that's his "work of art", though he doesn't know yet what that means. hehe.

His grandma gave him sets of crayolas, drawing and coloring books. He likes to color and write on his books at first but find it boring in later time so decided to color anything other than the books he has, so he decided to color the oven and dishwater (maybe he found white is a boring color so time to make it colorful). He also saw me and his Aunt Yvonne putting make-up which like putting color on our faces, so he decided to put color on his face too.

Well, he's still 21-month old, so I think it's understandable that he doesn't know any better yet. I am not sure if what I am feeling is right, but I am amused seeing him color, even if it means having our whole house as a canvass (yikes!).

Loves Water

Here are some pictures of my son enjoying in the water.

My son, Abi, loves to be in the water. Everytime I give him a bath, he surely enjoys it so much. When we were swimming in the lake one time, he started to paddle his feet, his Dad, as a swimming instructor before said that Abi could be starting to learn to swim now. I don't how to swim so I would love my son to know how to swim like his Dad.