Jun 30, 2008

The Cats

I just want to share with you the cats that we have here. They are so lovely and friendly. Of course, one of them is Cookie, Abi's (my son) bestfriend.

From the top are Midnight and Whiskers. Midnight is the one that is a pure balck while Whiskers is the one that has white whiskers, neck/breast, and back paws. Then we have Pearl, the pure white one. I was hoping to get a picture of Pearl and Midnight but they don't live in the same house. Then there is Cookie, Abi's best buddy. The most insensitive cat I have ever known. Insensitive coz it seems that he doesn't care for whatever do to him which is good coz Abi enjoys it so much.

I feel bad coz Cream is not included in the picture. Her color is cream that's why she's named cream. She's sister of Cookie. She always run and hide everytime Abi is around, so I can't catch a picture of her. Maybe, someday.


Jun 23, 2008

Bonding with my NEW family

Last Saturday, me together with Linda (Andy's Mom) and Yvonne (Andy's sister), of course with Abi (my son) too went to check out some Bridal dresses for me. Our first stop was David's Bridal in Gateway Market, Austin, TX. It took us around 3 hours to shop for my bridal gown and accessories because there are lots to choose from but still I was able to purchase them there on that exact date. Though my gown I didn't have the gown physically coz it still needs to be altered but we're happy, especially me, to finally had done some major things that we need to do for the wedding.

Anyway, such a very funny and frustrating thing happened. We are ready to leave to take our lunch but we were stuck in Gateway coz we can't figure out to get the baby's stroller down. The three of us had already push, pull, click and everything to do on the stroller but no luck until Linda decided to call Robert (Andy's Dad) for help with that stroller. He came and tried to figure out but was unsuccessful with it so the stroller ended up at the back of Robert's truck and sent home.hehe

We then went to take our lunch at Chick-Fil-A restaurant. When we were about to finish our lunch, a heavy rain poured down so we're stuck again but at least we are able to sit down and plan for the wedding. We made a list about the things that we need to get and do which should be the very first thing that we did. hehe. Anyway, a guy with an ice cream pass us and we all had the same reaction .. "yummy....". Linda bought each of us an ice cream except Abi coz I just wanted to share mine with him but that was a bad decision coz he doesn't want to share it with me, so I only had a few licks when i get the chance. But that was fine for me though.

It was such a great day for me coz I was able to bond with Andy's Mom and sister whihc would be my new family here now.


Received lots of BLESSINGS

These past few days had been very busy for me that's why I wasn't bale to put some new posts here but I got them on my list though so that I won't forget about once I'll have the time to do so. I am now a full time mother, stays home with my son and 3 cats. This is part of the adjustment that I have here coz I have been working before and my parents are the ones taking care of my son, so this is not that easy for me. But I am still grateful coz I am able to bond more with my son.

Anyway, also these past few days, I've been receiving lots of blessings from people whom I've known eversince I came here. They are people from the Church. They have been very kind and generous to give me welcome celebration and for letting me know that I've found true friends here. They are also Filipinos and everytime we see each other, they never fail to remind that if I needed some help, I can always contact them and they'd come. They are one of the reasons why I don't miss My Home so much coz they let me feel that I am still with family and friends.

But last Sunday, Sis Shirley gave me a rice cooker and a sack of rice. It was her spare rice cooker and remembered me when she saw it coz when she asked me what foods I am missing in the Philippines, I said rice coz I haven't eaten rice yet eversince I came here. She really surprised me and I am very happy to finally eat rice again. Then just yesterday, she gave me more Filipino foods that she cooked such as lumpia, bihon, chicken adobo, and biko. Also yesterday, Sis Tessie invited us at her home in Georgetown, TX coz she really wanted to have a get together with me and other members of the church for me to get to know them and bond with them. She cooked chicken curry and lumpia for us and even baked my favorite, Brazo de Mercedes. When we're about to go home, she gave me bagoong, patis, and salted fish sauce (ginamos). Haha, lots of blessings and I was very happy about it.


Jun 19, 2008

My son's bestfriend

My son has found his new bestfriend here now. It's not another kid though but a kitty.

Cookie is my son's new bestfriend, but I am not sure if Cookie consider him as his bestfriend. hehe. We actually have three cats here: Pearl (the biggest, old, and white one), Cream (sister of Cookie and not too friendly one), and Cookie (everything's alright as long as no one pulls my tail).

Among those three cats, Cookie is the only one that Abi can catch coz he doesn't run away from Abi unlike the other two cats. Abi drags him anywhere, pull his back and his arms, sometimes his tail which Cookie doesn't really like.

Abi always loves cats eventhough we don't have one before but everytime he sees a cat, he gets very excited. He don't mean to hurt any cat and he's trying his best just to pet them but he always gets very excited afterwards that he just wanted to hold them tight and carry them so that they're always with him.

Jun 16, 2008

Father's Day Celebration at Russel Park

First time having to celebrate Father's Day, first time for Andy to celebrate it with us, and first bonding time I had with Andy's family.

Yesterday, we went Russell Park with Andy's whole family including Kevin's (Andy's brother) family to celebrate Father's Day. It is so sweet of them to have this celebration with the whole entire family from the grandparents to grandchildren.

Before we went there, Andy and me needs to go to the Church service first and decided to have Yvonne(Andy'ss sister) bring Abi with her on the way to the park. Then we went to buy a card for Andy's dad (that's Andy's style -- buy it in the last minute). But we got a very nice card. It was not the usual card that has a very touching or serious message in it but the message there fits Dad.

After the service, we went back home to change our clothes and I surprised Andy with a card that I bought in the Philippines a week before we went here. He was not expecting it coz he keeps telling me that I don't need to get anything for him since just having Abi with him on this Father's Day is a enough gift for him. But I can't help it, he really deserves more than a card but I was afraid to bring anything from the Philippines coz it might cause a delay for me in Customs on our way here. But yes, I got him a card. Then Andy also have couple cards from his Mom and his sister. His sister also got him a paperweight which we can put picture of us and it is cute.
Our celebration in Russell Park was so great. I had so much fun with Andy's family and was able to bond with them more. It was not the first time that I met them coz we already had a dinner together on the day that we first arrived here but it was my first time to talk and joke around with them. Me, Abi, and Andy with Yvonne dipped into the lake for a while coz we were trying not to expose Abi so much to the sun coz it will be a problem if he'll have sunburn.

Jun 15, 2008

Interesting tag

This is my first tag eversince I came in my new home and I got it from Juliana. This is very interesting and fun to do.


Have you ever gone on a blind date?
>> Yes, lots of times.

Skipped school?
>> I don't think I did, but maybe yes. I just can't remember.

Been on a plane?
>> Yes, I need to ride a plane in order for me to get here.

Been lost?
>> Yes, it was my first day in Cagayan de Oro City.

Swam in the ocean?
>> I don't know how to swim

Cried yourself to sleep?
>> Yeah, 4 years ago

Played cops and robbers?
>> Nope

Played dolls?
>> Of course!

Recently colored with crayons?
>> not recently

Sang Karaoke?
>> Yes! Favorite thing to do when hanging out with friends.

Paid for a meal with coins only?
>> Yes, I can't remember when though

Done something you said you wouldn't?
>> Yeah, im only human

Cheated on a test?
>> Why not? LOL

Made prank phone calls?
>> Yes, I always had my bestfriend as the victim

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose?
>> I think I did

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
>> Never had a snow before

Danced in the rain?
>> played in the rain rather

Written a letter to Santa Claus?
>> I don't believe in Santa

Watched the sunrise with someone you care about?
>> Just the sunset

Been kissed under the mistletoe?
>> Nope

Gone ice skating?
>> Nope

Been skinny dipping outdoors?
>> No

Favorite drink Im allowed on a regular basis-
>> Orange Juice

>> Nope

Body piercings?
>> Ears only.

Vacation spot?
>> Anywhere would do

Eaten cookies for dinner?
>> Nope

Ever been on TV?
>> Nope

Ever been in a car accident?
>. Nope

Favorite number and why ? >> 2, it appears on the birth date of my loved ones: Mother Jan.2, Son Sept. 24, Fiance Dec. 20, Bestfriend Sept. 29

Favorite movie?
>> Lots of them

Favorite holiday?
>> New Year

Favorite smells?
>> Andy's armpit (LOL)

What do you do to relax?
>> lie down

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
>> Having a teenager and two more kids with Andy


That was a cool one, right? Now I am passing this on to Janeth, Lissa, Helen, Jam, Juliet, Poray, Ruby, and Marly


Jun 14, 2008

Finally, I am at my NEW Home now

It has been quite awhile since I made a post here but I am glad I am able to do this today. This past few days had been very busy for me because of lots of transitions that happened in my life. Finally, now I can be able to share with you about the big change(s) that I had. Well, if you had read some of my previous posts, you'll know what I am talking about. If not, then I suggest that you read (hehe)

Well, it is all about my new life in a new place with different people around me. I would not go into details because I made a blog just for that. Jona's New Life is all about everything I had in my new life, it could be detailed or not but there are lots of informations though. It is not to brag about it coz I know there's nothing to brag about it (but I can brag about how wonderful my life is now coz of so much love). Though there are people there maybe people that would accept negatively, I don't really mind at all.

Anyway, these changes of my life may affect my blogging for a while coz I still need to adjust and help my son to adjust too, but blogging is always in my heart and will keep everybody posted. So, see you around!! =)


Jun 7, 2008

Our Papang, Our Hero

Dear Papang,

I know you will not believe what I am about to say, but please trust me when I say this because though I rarely say this but it always comes from the bottom of my heart.

I am very proud to have you as a father. We may not be the best buds and I may have not treated you the way you wanted me, but I hope that you realized that every smile, laughter, and jokes that we share, it feels like heaven to me. I always wanted to laugh with you but I know that you're too busy to do so. I may be wrong or right about this but I can see in your eyes that you love it when you're making me smile and I feel the same when I am making you smile or laugh when I share to you the funny experiences I had.

We have been through lots of trials in our family and I admit that I hurt you so much in so many ways, but it was you who taught me to be strong and always fight for what I believed in, sad to say, I used it to stand on what I believe against you. I felt really bad and sorry about that and I know that you have always forgiven me for whatever bad things I did to you.

You may not be a good person to everyone else but know that for me, you're always the BEST FATHER. You never failed on doing your part as a father. I know you always wanted to hear this from me and I am sorry, I am not that vocal (I also got it from you), but no matter what happen, no matter what they say, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU PAPANG and you will always be the father that I would seek whenever someone done bad to me. You may not be aware of it, but you are always MY HERO, not just to me, but to your GRANDCHILDREN as well.

Your grandchildren: Epay, Lolong, and Abi, though they may be miles away from you, but they will always remember your love for them for all their lives, that is a proof, you are always be the BEST FATHER to me and GRANDFATHER to your grandchildren.

We love you so much Papang, I hope you know that and would never forget that.

Your rebellious daughter,
Gagang (it's me!)

This is my entry for this week's of Pinay Mommies Community.

I am very glad PMC made this theme because I was able to express my gratitude to my father. I am not vocal in comes to my father, so it is hard for me to initiate it for him, but with this theme, I was able to say it (type it rather).


PBB Teen Plus Big Winner -- EJAY!!

A promdi (someone who grew up in the province) from Oriental Mindoro and was inspired to aim high for his dreams by the situation of his family. They don't have much in life but Ejay had never hide it from everyone. He was honest about their situation and proved to anyone that it can never be a hindrance for him to reach his dreams in life. And today, June 7, 2007 is another stepping stone for Ejay to reach his dreams because he was the PBB Teen Edition Plus BIG WINNER.

You really deserved it!"

Full Name: Ejay Falcon
Nickname: E-J
Origin: Oriental Mindoro
Age: 18
Birthdate: November 21, 1989
Height: 6'0
Nationality: Filipino
School:University of Manila
Favorite cartoon character: Naruto
Favorite subject in school: Math
Hated subject in school: English
Favorite sport: Basketball, billiards
Favorite summer/vacation destination: Pola, Oriental Mindoro
Hobbies: Texting
Ultimate celebrity crush: Maja Salvador


Jun 6, 2008

Team Irish, my Link2Support Family

Earlier I went to my previous workplace, Link2Support, Inc. to get my last paycheck from them. I was so happy to see my Team Irish team mates again. Team Irish was the team where I stayed the longest, more than half of my stay in Link2Support was with them so I had became close to my team mates there. Though I was expecting that I would see them because I know what time they go out from work, but I was still surprise to see them all again after almost two months. Nothing has changed with them though except that Chatty is slimmer now and Jane is bigger now (lol!), but I really miss them so much.

Anyway, I was looking at my pictures again and I was happy to see lots of pictures of me with the team. We all love one thing -- picture taking. hehehe. Here are some of our pictures together.


Jun 5, 2008

First Engagement Anniversary


Today is our 1st engagement anniversary and I am so happy because a few days from now, we'll see each other again and start our new life together.

Well, this is not the day that he proposed to me because I didn't accept his proposal right away because I believe I still need to think about it only to realize that I was already real in love with him and doesn't want to let go anymore, so this day was the day that I told him that I'd be willing to go on with my life being with him.

Time really fly so fast. A little over a month from now, I'm sure I'll be posting about our wedding here. :-)


CAREGIVER Movie of Sharon Cuneta

Caregiver is the latest film produced by Star Cinema and directed by Chito Roño. It starred Sharon Cuneta. Presently shown in Philippine theaters and would be in some theaters worldwide.

Sara (Sharon Cuneta) is a public school English subject teacher in the Philippines but gave up her profession just to challenge her fate in London as a Caregiver. Her husband (John Estrada) was already in London working as (what-she-thought) nurse but she needs to leave her son in the Philippines first. The story revolves around their life in London which shows the reality about the Filipinos who worked their. Sara also found out that her husband is just a health care assistant (in other words Janitor -- they're doing the same job). Most Filipinos their worked less than what their true professions in Philippines are. Their friend (Jong Hilario) was a doctor in the Philippines but works as a nurse in London.

The touching part of the story is about Sara's life which she gives care and hope to those who needed it, not just a caregiver, but a friend and a companion. She inspired her patient, Mr. David Thomas Sr. who was a grumpy old man but just because of his life where his own children doesn't care for him especially his daughter who just wanted to have his money. But Sara brought out the best in Mr. Thomas, she made him smile and had the most of his remaining days on earth. She also inspired a kid(Makisig Morales) who lacks of attention from his Mother who married and had daughter with a British.

At the end of the story, she was able to bring her son in London but prior to that left her husband because her husband is always a failure and whenever he fails, he wants Sara to fail with him but it gave Sara a better life though.

This would be the last movie that me and my Mom watched together until a few from now and I'll be back in the Philippines again.


Jun 3, 2008

A Tribute to Mamang

Another week for PMC's WEEKLY Fest and for this week, our theme is PHOTO SHOOT!! - MOTHERHOOD. This time MOMEMO will be giving out freebies to the participants and again winners will be receiving prizes. And here is my entry

It's my mother and I call her "Mamang".
These are random pictures of my mom with my son.

Me and my mom are bestfriends in a way that there are lots of things that we both love and of course, we love each other so much. But honestly, I considered her as my enemy until I gave birth to my son.

She was my enemy because there are things that she won't let me do or have even though I love doing or having it so much. I am really "pasaway". I guess most of us do, right?(grin)

Anyway, whenever she stopped me from doing what I want, I always hate her and I would jump into conclusion that she doesn't love at all.

But everything changed when I became mother myself. I was a single Mom and I can't imagine myself living that life without my parents, especially my mom. When I first knew that I was pregnant, I didn't tell my mom thinking that she will hate me for it but she knew it even before I told her. She never hated me for what happened and despite of it all, she loved me more and supported me all through out.

Now, I know why she doesn't let me do those things because she loves me. I now understand that loving doesn't mean giving away anything you want but giving you anything you need. And Mamang ... she gave me anything more than what I need but I surely deserved.


Jun 2, 2008

PMC's Weekly Fest WEEK 1 Entries

Pinay Mommies Community(PMC) is an online community of Filipina Mommies, you may or may not be residing in the Philippines eversince, as long as you have a Filipina blood, or you may or may not be a Mommy yet as long as you have the heart of a Mommy, then you are welcome to this Community.

As one of the things we are doing in PMC is to share and to have fun. Every week, we have a Weekly Fest which is every week there is a different theme. Then to make it more challenging, at each end of the week, a winner would be announce and to be judged by the PMC's moderators. On our 1st Weekly Fest, surprisingly, I was the winner and of course, I wanna thank the PMC for trusting me and for the awards out of it's generosity.

The theme for the 1st WEEKLY Fest is FAVORITE FOOD and here are the entries of the Mommies who joined the activity.

Disclaimer: Make you that you've already eaten before opening the following links for the foods that they served are all YUMMY!!!!!!

Mommy Janet
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mommy Aeirin
Homemade Pepperoni Pizza
Mango and Melon (cantaloupe) fruit shake
Blueberry Creamy Chilled Cheesecake
Mommy Jerla
Pancit Bihon (her style)
Mommy Mitch
Pudding Ala Leche
Mommy Jona (that's me)
My Very Own Pancit Palabok
Mommy Zriz
Bossing's Balbacua
Ispageti Ala Mayang
Mommy Reflexes
Pork Dumplings (Siomai)
Mommy Gles
Bistek Tagalog
Mommy Aisha
Goulash (Steven Style)
Mommy Gen
Apple Sauce Nut Bread
MommY Maybel
Thai Red Curry Chicken
Mommy Ruby
Mommy Cara
GT's Famous Tuna Fettuccine
Mommy Lalaine
Thai Stid Fried Crab Curry
Mommy Nina
Chicken Ala Creme
Brown Pinay
Brown Pinay's Baked Macaroni

Certified Mommies!!!