Nov 26, 2010

A Trip To The Park

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I am so glad that I have today's off. It's not easy getting the Black Friday cos at my work, only one person to allowed to take off on Fridays. And everyone would want to have off on the day after Thanksgiving. Who would want to have off on Thursday, go back to work on Friday, then off again on Saturday? It's so much nicer to have those straight days off and lucky me I got it. I requested it too early, that;s why. I think it was March when I requested it (LOL).

Nov 25, 2010

Photography and Me: Bokeh

weed flower 1
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I just started entering the world of photography. I have always been into it but didn't get the chance to work myself to it until I got my first DSLR which I have always been wanting to have since I've known camera. So you may see more pictures in this blog showcasing my shots.

This picture is my first 'bokeh' picture. Bokeh is what they call the blur in the picture, the out-of-focus part, or outside of depth of field. By the way, I didn't know about bokeh until a week ago when I first started reading about DSLR.

Nov 24, 2010

Baked Mussels

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This recipe was shared to me by my Ninang Alice though I added a personal touch to it. When she made it, she just basted it with a mixture of hot sauce and mayonnaise. I personalized it by using mayonnaise with banana ketchup, dash of spices (anything you have will work)--I used salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, and Tabasco sauce.

I'm convinced that it's good because my son loved it. He used to not like mussels but when I showed him how to cook it, he got interested and when he tasted it, he said it's his favorite now.

Try it!

Happy Thanksgiving To Americans!

Tomorrow is my third Thanksgiving/Turkey Day and this is one of my most favorite holiday here in the US. Because one, there's a lot of food, and two, the Holiday season officially starts. The best thing about this year's Thanksgiving for me is I GOT BLACK FRIDAY OFF, not to go shopping (though I'm thinking about it) but just having 4 straight days off but luckily, I'll get 7 days this time....woohooo! (I know, my work mates are jealous...sorry guys!)

Nov 7, 2010