About Jonaver

I am Jonaver, but I preferred to be called Jona (with no 'H'), because one, people tend to mispronounce it (which I've gotten used to) and two, they always think I'm a boy. But yes, I decided to use my unique, mispronounced, and misunderstood name as my Blog's brand. They said, you need a brand that sticks out. If my name doesn't stick out to you, I don't know what.

So, who is Jonaver?

Well, I could write a description of my own, but I decided to let the people speak for me and see what they think of me. So, I posted this on Facebook:

"I'm writing a blog post for 'About Me' page and I thought it's cute to post what other people think of me, instead of what I think of myself. So can you do me little favor and leave a comment here with how you describe me in a few words? Pretty please..."

One thing I've noticed is most comments are a bit silly, which typical of my friends and family. And here are the responses I got, so far:

Their responses sure did tickle me cos it reminds me of Slam Book way back in high school. Most of them said good things about me, expect for some who said that I am CRAZY! Which I'm not denying. I am crazy, yes, but crazy good. I am the type that would think of crazy ideas, I laugh so loud, I can be real loud too, and I take risks a lot.

So, now that you've seen it from my friends' point of view, let me tell you who I am in my own POV.
Jonaver - she is a hard headed woman.
She always knows what she wants and go for it. One of her weaknesses is she listens a lot to what other tells her and doubts herself because of that, though she knows deep down inside, she is always gets good results when she follows her instincts.
She is very critical of herself.
Lately, she's been doing a lot of self reflection and decided that she will do much more (and knows that she can) than what she's been doing.

She always craves for accomplishments, but her laziness holds her back. Though, when she wants something so bad, she never stops at anything until she gets it. And she has proven many times that she is not weak when in comes to her goals.

She is a mother of one smart kid that she loves dearly. A wife to a very supporting husband that she is head over heels with. A stubborn daughter and a sister of her two late brothers. She is a friend to many.

She is Jonaver.
If you want to know more about me, shoot me an email to WFGjkuhn@gmail.com, and  I will get back with you within 24 hours.