Mar 28, 2009

I'm a Facebook Fanatic

I'm sure everyone knew what I'm talking about when I say Facebook, right? If you don't, well, it's another social networking website where you can meet friends all around the world, do some online activities such as quizzes, interact with other members, etc. For me, it is another thing that I can do to pass time. I used to be at Friendster a lot of times but my sister-in-law introduced Facebook to me.

It has been a while since I updated it until the other day when my sister-in-law created a separate account for me and my hubby on her computer. Yes, her computer, because our good ole laptop is acting old so we're sharing computer with her for now. Hopefully not anymore soon. Now, almost everyday, I'm visiting my Facebook profile and interact with my friends there.

How about you? Are you a Facebook-er?

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Getting ready for some outdoor activities

Finally, winter is over, spring is here, and summer's on it's way which means it's time to be outside and have fun under the sun. We already planned a lot of activities that we may do while the weather is fine. Of course, that includes going to water parks, hopefully beaches (hopefully because we're in the middle of Texas), hiking, or just simply hang out in the front yard and throw some meats in the pit. But before we do all those things, I wanna buy some outdoor furniture first.

Summer is the longest season so it would be a good investment to buy something that we can use for the whole season.

I'm just so excited. I love summer and I love outdoors!

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Mar 25, 2009

Women's married life -- based on watching TV

I'm back from a short break again. I told you, I think I would be in this routine now: not to blog everyday. But trust me, I would never leave blogging because it helped me a lot.

Anyway, I got something good to share again. I have read this again from my magazine and it says: Women that are happy with their married life watch less TV than those who are not. I know you have the same reaction as mine -- "hmmmmm...really?", right? I, then, questioned myself if I do watch more TV or what. Well, I'm sure I'm happy with my married life. Actually, I can never ask for more. And I believe that statement is quite true because I don't really watch TV that much. I do blogging, reading, and sleeping :-P. Our TV is on pretty much the whole day though cos it's my son who watch his favorite shows. Thanks to Direct TV for the kid-friendly channels that are appropriate for his age. But don't get me wrong, I watch TV too, but like I said, not that much. I have some favorite shows on my own too such as reality shows and DirecTV Specials.

I'd be really glad to hear from you and what you think about the statement above -- do you agree or disagree? I;m just curious. Anyway, if you are tired of watching the shows on your local channel, you may want to avail of DirecTV Deals and select good shows from hundred of channels. Trust me, it's all worth it.

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Mar 21, 2009

It's the thought that counts

Today's my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary and it's so sad that I am not with them right now to celebrate it with them. This is the first time that we're not together on their very special day but I still want them to feel that this day is still very special even with just the two of them alone, anyway, when they got married 35 years ago, none of their kids exist yet.

I had a little surprise for them. I found out a website from my friend in Michigan, Richel,, where you can send gifts through them to someone in the Philippines. I don't have a job yet but I'm earning a little from my blogging so I can't afford expensive gifts yet. That's not what's important though, "It's the thought that counts". I bought PHP500.00 worth of gift checks for Pizza Hut since they love eating at Pizza Hut and can only afford the PHP49.00 per 2 slices of pizza. So I think, it is good to finally give them the chance to eat more than the ham and cheese pizza.

They received the gift checks that came with a greeting card that has my personalized message for them last Friday. I never told them about until my Mom told me that they received it and they were so surprised. I'm glad they like it. I assume that they're having their lunch today at Pizza Hut and eating something more than 2 slices of pizza.

New Year's Eve 2008

To my parents: I love you both so much. I may not always show it to you, which I'm not proud of, but God knows and in my heart, I will always love you, no matter what. Nothing can ever compare the love and care you've given me up to now that I already have my own family. Despite our distance, you never fail to show me your love and support, not just to me but for my son and husband. And I know that nothing can ever change that because you love me and I love you UNCONDITIONALLY. You know that someday, we'll gonna be together again. It is always our plan and we'll stick to it and I can't wait for it happen. I miss you much Mamang and Papang!

Beauty of Life

Goodbye Cold Winter and Hello Fresh Spring

Yep, I'm so glad to finally say goodbye to winter. It's not that I hate winter but I can live without it (of course, I have lived my 23 years without it!). And now, it's spring. Without the date, you can surely tell that it is spring by just looking at the beautiful blooming flowers and smelling the fresh-scent of the plants.

Spring means, bye to sweaters and warm clothes too which is the best thing in the world (lol). In fact, just last night, I sorted out our clothes in our drawer and got rid of the warm clothes. It's so amazing how much space those sweaters, big pants and all other cold weather stuffs occupied. Bye to long thick pants and boots, and hello to shorts, capris, and flip-flops. Oh, nothing can be more comfortable than wearing my sleeveless shirts and let the toes of mine breath.

Wow .. I just loved the warm weather, most of all and I'd get to enjoy this until the next winter would start again. I hope everyone's enjoying their spring as much as I do and to all of you: Happy Spring!!

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Mar 18, 2009

Hey! I'm Alive and Kicking and Got something good to share

Yay! I'm back after being gone for awhile, AGAIN. Well, I guess that would always be the case now but I'm glad cos now each time I come back to blog, I got something good to blog about and not just putting up some fillers, paid post, etc. Though I was sadden about being kicked out by PPP a few months ago but I have moved on and saw the good side of it -- no filler post, not being stressed of catching max opps everyday, and I get to spend more time with my family. At least, I still have the good ole PayU2Blog on my side who never failed ever since I became their avid fan and loyal poster.

Anywho, you're maybe wondering where I'm at when I wasn't blogging, aside from being around the house and spending quality time with my precious ones. As I have said on one of my previous posts, I have been into Ticket To Ride Online game and to add up to that, I finally was able to subscribe to Cosmopolitan magazine -- the only magazine that I'd read from cover to cover. So, the good thing that I mentioned on my title is something that I got from them. Here it is ....

15 Things You Should Never Apologize For

1. Ordering a Real Dessert; 2. Someone Else's Bad Day; 3. Ditching a Bad Lover;
4. Having a Crazy Family; 5. Buying Into Your Horoscope;
6. Really Wanting a Boyfriend; 7. Being a Self-Promoter;
8. Investing in Your Looks; 9. Having a High "Number";
10. Changing Your Mind; 11. Being Inexperienced;
12. Hoping Your Children Will Be Cuter Than Your Friends';
13. Sticking to a Budget; 14. Only Doing Things Online That You'd Do in Real Life;

If you hadn't figure out what's good about it, well, here it is: it is some kind of reality-check for us to not being guilty in every single thing that we do. I mean, most of the time we feel bad for doing some of the things mentioned above while the truth is, we shouldn't be. To top it all, HAVE A GREAT DAY y'all!! :-P

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Mar 10, 2009

Largest Master's Sand Sculpting Competition in the United States

Wanted to see BIG sand sculptures for real just like these?

Then, you need to be at Port Aransas, TX these coming April 17-19 and see with own naked eyes how big they really are.

Master Sand Sculptures all over the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and Ukraine will be competing with their special talents in making an incredible work of art using sand. It should be amazing to witness how they make it and be stunned by the finished results.

My mother-in-law is the one who told us about it and we all love to go but probably not this year, hopefully next year or whenever we can. If you need more information about the said Sand Festival, you can check it out from or They also have their official Texas Sand Fest Newspaper given away at Port Aransas and that's where my mother-in-law got theirs.

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Mar 5, 2009

Special Power Of Attorney From US To The Philippines

When I left Philippines, I also left some properties that were under my name such as my house where my parents are living in right now. It is located in Cagayan de Oro City and now my parents wants to move back to Davao City, where our hometown is. So, we decided to just sell the house in Cagayan de Oro. But since I won't be able to do it myself cos I'm in the US right now, I issued a Special Power of Attorney for my parents to give them the right to sign in my behalf.

Philippine Government implemented a rule for documents that are executed, signed or issued in the United States and intended to be used or presented in the Philippines must bear a consular notarization or authentication, as the case may be, in order for such documents to be accorded legal effect in the Philippines. Examples of these documents are Special Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Affidavits, Deeds, Contracts, Assignments, Letters of Patent, Articles of Incorporation, Certificates of Birth, Marriage or Death and other official documents issued by U.S. authorities within the Consulate's jurisdiction.

And this is how I did mine after I got my Special Power of Attorney (thanks to my mother-in-law's boss who's an attorney):

1. Went to the Notary Public to have the SPA notarized for $5.00 per sign. You need to have two witnesses aside from the notary public to sign on the document. In my case, I only have my husband with me, so we asked someone from the notary public's office to perform as a witness.

2. Brought the notarized SPA to the County Clerk to certify the official authority of the Notary Public to perform notarial functions for $24.00 (5 copies). In my case, I went to the Notary Public in our County Office so I had the notarization and certification all in one place. County Clerk kept one copy but it said that it will be sent back to us within two weeks.

3. Sent the notarized and certified SPA to the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles cos we are under their jurisdiction. Click here to see all Philippine Consulates in the US, their address, contact numbers, and jurisdictions. Along with the SPA is a cashier's check worth $31.00 ($25.00 for the Authentication fee and $6.00 for return shipping). They'd also accept postal money order.

After a week, I have my authenticated SPA back and ready to be sent to the Philippines. Kudos to the Philippine Consulate General in LA and it's subordinates for a prompt service. I am so pleased by how quick it was. I also appreciate the immediate response I received through E-mail [Office of the Legal Officer: (213) 637-3004 |] though it was disappointing to call them cos with almost 50 calls I made to them, I was only answered once. It will bring me to a voice mail that seems to be full cos it won't let me leave a message at all. That's why I ended up contacting them through E-mail which satisfied me by any means.

I am glad to share these experienced here as a way to help those who would go through the same process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this post or on any part of this blog and I'd try my best to answer them.

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