Mar 21, 2009

Goodbye Cold Winter and Hello Fresh Spring

Yep, I'm so glad to finally say goodbye to winter. It's not that I hate winter but I can live without it (of course, I have lived my 23 years without it!). And now, it's spring. Without the date, you can surely tell that it is spring by just looking at the beautiful blooming flowers and smelling the fresh-scent of the plants.

Spring means, bye to sweaters and warm clothes too which is the best thing in the world (lol). In fact, just last night, I sorted out our clothes in our drawer and got rid of the warm clothes. It's so amazing how much space those sweaters, big pants and all other cold weather stuffs occupied. Bye to long thick pants and boots, and hello to shorts, capris, and flip-flops. Oh, nothing can be more comfortable than wearing my sleeveless shirts and let the toes of mine breath.

Wow .. I just loved the warm weather, most of all and I'd get to enjoy this until the next winter would start again. I hope everyone's enjoying their spring as much as I do and to all of you: Happy Spring!!

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