Mar 21, 2009

It's the thought that counts

Today's my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary and it's so sad that I am not with them right now to celebrate it with them. This is the first time that we're not together on their very special day but I still want them to feel that this day is still very special even with just the two of them alone, anyway, when they got married 35 years ago, none of their kids exist yet.

I had a little surprise for them. I found out a website from my friend in Michigan, Richel,, where you can send gifts through them to someone in the Philippines. I don't have a job yet but I'm earning a little from my blogging so I can't afford expensive gifts yet. That's not what's important though, "It's the thought that counts". I bought PHP500.00 worth of gift checks for Pizza Hut since they love eating at Pizza Hut and can only afford the PHP49.00 per 2 slices of pizza. So I think, it is good to finally give them the chance to eat more than the ham and cheese pizza.

They received the gift checks that came with a greeting card that has my personalized message for them last Friday. I never told them about until my Mom told me that they received it and they were so surprised. I'm glad they like it. I assume that they're having their lunch today at Pizza Hut and eating something more than 2 slices of pizza.

New Year's Eve 2008

To my parents: I love you both so much. I may not always show it to you, which I'm not proud of, but God knows and in my heart, I will always love you, no matter what. Nothing can ever compare the love and care you've given me up to now that I already have my own family. Despite our distance, you never fail to show me your love and support, not just to me but for my son and husband. And I know that nothing can ever change that because you love me and I love you UNCONDITIONALLY. You know that someday, we'll gonna be together again. It is always our plan and we'll stick to it and I can't wait for it happen. I miss you much Mamang and Papang!

Beauty of Life


  1. hala totful of touch ko dah..i hope mkachat sa sunod..hehe..amping dha..God Bless!

  2. naks nman..wala ko kabalo ani ah...hehehe
    special mention mn sad ta diri..tnx jo

    tc always and God bless.

  3. aw, wla ba tka naingnan? oo, nkita nako sa imo friendster tong gifts na ghatag sa imo ni michael den naa sa card, ako dayon givisit unya mao to, nkahuna2x ko na magpadala sko parents..hehehe.. thanks! :-)

  4. wala ko nimo naingnan..pero i'm glad nakatabang kay layo raba kaayo ta..hahai nalng
    kanus-a pa nato makauban atong pamilya ani..

    cge Jo, ingats always diha goodluck and God bless always...