Mar 25, 2009

Women's married life -- based on watching TV

I'm back from a short break again. I told you, I think I would be in this routine now: not to blog everyday. But trust me, I would never leave blogging because it helped me a lot.

Anyway, I got something good to share again. I have read this again from my magazine and it says: Women that are happy with their married life watch less TV than those who are not. I know you have the same reaction as mine -- "hmmmmm...really?", right? I, then, questioned myself if I do watch more TV or what. Well, I'm sure I'm happy with my married life. Actually, I can never ask for more. And I believe that statement is quite true because I don't really watch TV that much. I do blogging, reading, and sleeping :-P. Our TV is on pretty much the whole day though cos it's my son who watch his favorite shows. Thanks to Direct TV for the kid-friendly channels that are appropriate for his age. But don't get me wrong, I watch TV too, but like I said, not that much. I have some favorite shows on my own too such as reality shows and DirecTV Specials.

I'd be really glad to hear from you and what you think about the statement above -- do you agree or disagree? I;m just curious. Anyway, if you are tired of watching the shows on your local channel, you may want to avail of DirecTV Deals and select good shows from hundred of channels. Trust me, it's all worth it.

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