Mar 30, 2012

Clicks 101

Dear followers, please follow my new blog: It is a blog about my daily photo collection. Also, on the sidebar is my Picasa gallery of the pictures I took as an aspiring photographer. Hope you will enjoy visiting mynew blog! Xoxo, Jona

Mar 20, 2012

Back to something new

Hola!! It's been a while and I sure did miss a lot. So, I decided (again) to visit my blog and update with some new posts (or just a post). Unfortunately, my domains has expired because I have not renewed them since I am not earning money from my blogs, unlike before. Anywho, I am glad to see my old blog friends are still active. I actually miss blogging. I was a gone for quite sometime because a lot of things has changed here. My blog is still the same, like a ghost town now LOL. One change I saw is the new Google Interface which is pretty cool, IMO. What do you think?
Though it may take a while for me to get used to but it looks neater than the older one. And oh I have to update my profile too, that's kinda old too! So that's it for now... Adios! :)