Financial Literacy Campaign

Coming here to the United States, almost eight years ago, was one of my biggest dream - living in the one of the wealthiest country in the world. Little did I know that behind that title are people who doesn't feel that way. A lot of people are  struggling living paycheck to paycheck and not having enough to keep up with expenses. I was one of them.

I heard people telling me, "go move in to a new house; buy a car so you can get anywhere and don't have to depend on your husband to drive you to places; there's a lot of nice places to shop... and I say, "with what? I don't have money!". They would just answer me, "take a loan, get a credit card...that's how it works around here. We live in debt."

At first, I was oblivious and took their advice. We got a beautiful big house and nice brand new car, which in no way I would be able to afford if I was still in the Philippines. I got myself a credit card with amazingly high credit limit and bought anything my heart desired until I maxed it out, then I applied for another one, and more thereafter. The more I used the cards, the more credit card offers I received. I thought I was living the dream until REALITY strike - we didn't have enough money to SAVE because we need hundreds of dollars just to put a minimum payment on our multiple credit card accounts. Plus the mortgage payment and two car payments. It was the most stressful time of my life. Unfortunately, no one told me any better way to achieve the so-called "American Dream".

We stopped using our credit cards. Worked extra hard up to the point where me and husband almost don't see each other anymore. We get home tired. Too tired to do household chores and fix dinner. We ended up eating out a lot which started to add up and it obviously didn't help our financial situation. We were drowning and lost on how to get our heads above the water.

Then, someone introduced me to WFG (World Financial Group) which helped me get started in making better decisions and I am now on my way to financial independence.

Maybe at some point in your life, you or someone you know is currently suffering from financial burden due to a bad decision in the past and need help in getting a way out. We are not alone. There are millions of us.

That's why I am glad to be a part of the Financial Literacy Campaign. I am extremely excited to get the word out because I am aware of the one of major issues we have: Financial Insecurity, due to lack of education on how to properly manage our finances. In, WFG, we offer FREE Financial Workshop because we have a mission.

The workshop is divided into FIVE following sessions, held in our Financial Center:

We would love to help you or someone you know experience financial freedom! Send me an email with your NAME and Phone Number to to receive schedule and learn more about the Financial Workshop.

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