Sep 30, 2008

My Apology For Entrecard Droppers


I always thank everyone who constantly dropping their EC on my site and I owe them a lot because they have contributed so much for my PR that I got for the first eversince I started my blog last January. I always try my best to return their drops but it is really hard for me to do it now because I am just using my sister-in-law's PC since our laptop's not functioning properly for the past few weeks now. This computer that I am using right now is just too slow for me to drop cards. I am dropping one at a time because the computer would freeze up when I open multiple tabs or window at the same time. By doing so, the whole day won't be enough for me to return all those drops. Plus I can't just sit in front of the computer the whole day because I have my 2-year-old son to attend to who needed my attention too. So as much as I wanted to return all your drops, it is just impossible for me to do so.

One of these, I may be able to buy a new computer and I promise y'all that starting that day, I would be returning all your drops then. I hope y'all understand and please continue dropping your cards on this site. I truly appreciate it.

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Tuesday Toot: Made a new blog dedicated to my son

My toot for this Tuesday is about the new blog that I made just for my son.

I have been a member of a couple of community for Mommies, so I got the chance to visit lots of blogs owned by my fellow mommies. I am inspired by how they write about their daily experiences with their kids and I enjoy every article they had, even just a single picture post. So I decided to make a blog that is just for my son. I titled it Starts at Two because I made the blog on the exact day of his 2nd birthday which was last September 24, 2008. You can check the site here.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! Toot toot!

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Movie Review: Bring it On

Bring It On is one of the teenage movies that I like to watch. As we all know, the movies all about high school cheerleading and cheerleading competitions. They just released their 4th sequel last year and it was again a successful movie just like the older ones.

First one is Bring It On, starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, and Gabrielle Union. Second one is Bring it On Again, starring Anne Judson-Yager and Bree Turner. Third one is Bring It On: All Or Nothing starring Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles-Smith. And the last one and definitely not the least is Bring It On: In it to win it starring Ashley Benson, Michael Copon and Cassie Scerbo.


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They're not really good friends

They are the two cats we have in our house, the white one is Pearl and the black is Cookie. That picture was taken a couple of days ago. They are on our bed and seems to be not talking to each other. Well, of course, they don't talk, but they would stay like that on the bed, not playing and nothing.

Yes, they're not really good friends. I never seen them playing with each other. That may be because Pearl is much older than Cookie and our other cat, Cream, which is Cookie's sister.

Anyway, I saw them together like that and I think it was cute so I took a picture and share it with you. I hope you like it. *wink*


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Tweezer or Puller


Of course, you know what I am talking about. Tweezer and puller are the same thing. We used call it puller in the Philippines but they call it tweezer here in US, but they are actually the same thing. They are used to pull, pluck, or tweeze hair. I normally used it to pluck my armpit hair and eyebrow to trim it. But when my mother-in-law and sister-in-law knew that I pluck them, it made them sneer. They don't think they can do it because it really hurts. Well, it only hurt on the first time you do it, but of you do it in regular basis like what I am doing, it doesn't feel anything at all. It is better than shaving because if you pluck the hair, it will remove the root of the hair as well which would take a few days before it would grow back unlike when you just shave it, it would only remove the outer hair which means that you need to shave almost everyday to prevent the hair from showing up.

By the way, whatever it is called, that is what I am used to and just sharing it with you.

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Sep 29, 2008

My First Fall


Summer has just ended so technically, we are in the early Fall now. This would be my first Fall and I am always excited for first-times. I am excited to see naked trees and all their brown leaves on the ground. For sure, I will be posting a picture of a naked tree in here once I'll see one.

Fall means a little bit colder and it is getting close to winter, but winter is another story, so let's not talk about that for now. Well, I am just excited about experiencing Four Seasons which we don't have in the Philippines because we only have two seasons there, rainy and sunny. And of course, I will share with y'all every excitements I have. *grin*

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Happy Birthday Tetet!


Happy 24th Birthday Tetet! (I am sorry if I am not supposed to say your age, but trust me girl, we're not that old yet. lol)

Today is my bestfriend's, Tetet, birthday. We are thousand miles away from each other so I can't greet her normally. I sent her a text message though at exactly 12:00 midnight, Philippine time, but she said she didn't receive it so I gotta have another way to greet her without spending money (c'mom! let's be practical!). So, how here is my post. *grin*

Anyway, Tetet and me we're bestfriends since we were 7 years old and up to now that we are both 24, we are still the best of friends and nothing will ever change that. Though my husband is my best friend too but no one can replace Tetet in my life. She is literally the best of friend I ever had in my entire life. She is someone I can always count in times of trouble and "wala lang", (hehe), someone who always has a shoulder for me to cry on, someone who is always willing to listen to whatever I say (even nonsense ones), someone who understands me in whatever situation (though sometimes she tolerates my mistakes, but she would say it's wrong first then support me if she can't change my mind. hehe), and someone I had that you don't (lol). I am just one of those lucky people who has a bestfriend just like Tetet and I would say it and make a post about it over and over again.

I love you girl, I always will and I miss you a bunch and more
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Blessings are multiplied back to you when you give some


"It is better to give that to receive"

That quote above is indeed true and is what we should have in our mind for this coming holiday and gift-giving season. I am not a hypocrite or something, I love to receive something too, but for some reason, it really feels good to be able to give to someone especially when you know that they really need it and you have something to give. It doesn't matter how much you give, but what matters is you give from your heart.

I knew someone who is not rich but she is a manager of one of the biggest banks in the Philippines and owns a big business in her town. She is rich as we can see, but she is rich too with what we don't see.

It was December of 1999 when she invited us (my family) to her place, about 5 hours drive from where I lived because she will open her new business. We stayed there for 3 days and it was a very wonderful experience. She had a big party and everything, but what really made it wonderful is when we went to a small barrio and brought some goodies such as clothes, slippers, school things, and foods. I didn't exactly know what we are about to do until I saw a whole bunch of kids waiting for us in the gym. We gave away all the goodies that we brought to those kids and it really touched my heart.

Before that happened, I thought that she was just borned rich and hardworking enough to have those money that she has, but she told me "I was one of those kids before until I got an opportunity to finish my studies. I would never forget where I came from and would continue to give these children the opportunity that was given to me when I needed it because I always believe that the reason why I have these blessings I have right now in my life is because BLESSINGS ARE MULTIPLIED BACK TO YOU WHEN YOU GIVE SOME".
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Mr. G Finally Ranked My Page


My husband and my son doesn't understand what I am so happy about when I suddenly did a happy dance a few hours ago. But you would understand why I am very happy because this page is finally ranked by the Google.

I went to PPP to check some opps and I was so surprise to see three pages of opps available for me. Then I checked on an opp to reserve it, I check theminimum qualification on the bottom and was surprise to see that it is for PR 3 sites. So I checked my PR through lots of Google PR checker and this is what I found:

This is my first time being ranked by Google so you can just imagine my excitement. I am not sure if this is is big deal to everyone but it is for me. For me, having a PR means that you are have good content on your sites and many is linking to your sites which means that they love your site, in short, your site is popular. Well, at least that what means to me.

I wanna thank those people who regularly or almost regularly checked on my site and to those who are linking to this site. I owe it all to you.

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Sep 27, 2008

Adding Insult To Injury


A few nights ago, while I was in the bed, our cat, Pearl was licking my head. I was not in the mood that time so I wanted her to stop and said "Stop that Cream...", oops! Did I just say Cream? Yes, I did and I didn't realized it until my husband said so, but it got worst when he said to Pearl, "Jona doesn't like being licked Cream.." oops! He said Cream instead of Pearl too. That was adding insult to injury. By the way, Cream is another cat in our house. She is Yvonne's, my husband's sister, cat.

But it was not about that, though it was somehow connected to that situation. Because of that situation I remembered the phrase adding insult to injury which I first heard from my high school teacher.

He was our teacher in the subject Filipino and we don't really like him because he is conceited, at least by the way we look at him. Everytime we are on his class, we don't pay attention to him. He has this habit of using certain words over and over again. One time, we made a list of those words, just for fun until he saw the paper himself and was insulted big time. While he was telling us how he was hurt about it, we just laugh at him and it was such a surprise when we saw tears on his eyes, then he said, "This is enough, you just added insult to injury..". We thought that it was a wrong grammar phrase, so we laugh again which insulted him more and he walked out from us. He never went back to our class after that and the next time we knew, he resigned from his job.

Then a few months after that, our classmate read from a pocketbook that exact phrase. We felt really bad about what happened and wished that we can turn back time and did something better.
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Early Morning Surprise

It was not a very nice morning when I woke up today. As soon as I got up from the bed, I went straight to my sink and wash my face, brush my teeth, and put my contact lenses on. Once my vision was clear, I was surprise to see a small part of my face has acne.

I am taking care of my skin, especially my best so much, that is why it really surprised me to see acne. It is the first that I had this type of skin problem and I just don't know how to get rid of acne. It really bothers me and I hope I can get rid of it sooner. I know there are all sorts of products to clear up acne, I just hope one will work for me.

It was an early morning surprise, but I just hope that it was a better surprise though.

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Found A Filipino Community Site


I was doing my usual blog hopping when I came unto Mommy Aeirin's blog, I saw that she won $100 from a contest that was held by Paraiso Philippines Forum. I went to the site and registered myself. I was surprise to see lots of my fellow PMC Mommies already a member of the forum.

I am glad that I found another website that brings Filipino together no matter what part of the world they are located. Just like me, I am now residing in Texas and I will grab every chance that I can get to be able to mingle with my kababayan.

Anyway, Paraiso Philippines Forum are regularly hosting a contest that has great prizes at stake such as BIG Cash and all.

So, if you are a Filipino, join us in OUR forum, meet fellow Filipinos all over the world and win great prizes at the same time.
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Sep 26, 2008

I Miss You


I have been here in Texas for more than a month now. Though life is better here that what we have in the Philippines but I still can't help myself missing lots of things. First of all, I miss my parents a bunch that I wish I can hug them very tight right at this moment. But I can only do that through words when I am talking to them in the phone and in my mind.

I miss all the foods that I like so much like balot, palitaw, sapin-sapin, Jollibee, humba, sinigang, banana cue, fish ball (PHP1.00/stick), etc. I know I can cook some of them here like the sinigang and humba but my problem is I really don't know how to cook. I may someday and I am trying hard to learn. But where in Texas can I find balot? I guess no one knows. I've heard that there is Jollibee in California but not here in Texas. They only have one type of banana here, the one we called it Stanfilco(a company that process exported banana) in the Philippines.

All those foods that I am missing so much and I can never find here in Texas. I never thought that I would ever miss those kind of foods when I was still in the Phillipines because I can have it anytime I wanted. But now that I am here, it sometimes would make me cry thinking about all those foods because I wanna eat them badly right now. HELP! lol
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Sep 25, 2008

A Blog Dedicated To My Son


Once of the things that attached me so much in this blogging thing is the Mommy Community in the world wide web that I belong. Being a member in those communities had mean so much to me because I get to meet mommies and wives like me who blogs about their own experiences as a mother and a wife. And as a member of these communities, I get the chance to see their blogs which inspired me because of how they talk about every activities of their son. Well, I have been about that but not every single thing that my son is doing because the blogs that I had is not focusing on babies and related stuffs but with everyday living.

Now, I wanted to talk so much about my son. I am always proud of my son. I love him with all my life and I can't help not to talk about him. I consider him as a precious gift than nothing can ever compare. So, just yesterday, my son's 2nd birthday, I created a blog that I titled STARTS at TWO.

I have been thinking about for a few weeks but decided not to make until his 2nd birthday because it would be that blog's birthday.

I hope all the mommies out there can visit the blog that I only dedicate to my son and share with me the joy of motherhood. Feel free to leave a comment on that blog for exchange links. I would be very glad to list all the mom's site on that blog and here as well.
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Sep 23, 2008

My Baby's Name


I am tagged by fellow pinaymommy blogger and PMC member, Praning. Thanks for this Mommy.

~start tag~

My Baby's Name: My son's name is Dion Bernard. We got those names from my parents name. Dion is from my mother's name which is CereDIONa while Bernard is from my father's name BERNARDo.

I named my son after them because I owe them a lot from the day that I was pregnant with him until now. I know I betrayed them as my parents when I got pregnant by a boyfriend who just left me out of the blue. I know I hurt them so much but they still took care of me. Accepted me as their daughter and forgave me without any doubts for what I did. If without them I would've been dead by now because what happened to me was never easy. But they loved me just how they always do when my mom herself carried me in her bossom. They are so precious me just as how they treat my son preciously.

But we gave my son a nickname, Abi. Abi is a bisaya (language in Visayas and most part of Mindanao) word meaning "I/we thought or a term for guess". When I was pregnant of him, I always love to wear pink. Anything pink: my clothes, shoes, even my underwear, hairtie. just anything but pink so I thought that I have a girl baby. But when I had my first ultrasound when I was 7 months pregnant, we found out that it was a boy. We were not disappointed though but we just named him "Abi" because we only thought that he's a girl. hehe.

~end tag~

Now, I wanna pass this to another fellow pinaymommy bloggers, Mommy Mitch and Mommy Gen.

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Tuesday Toot: First Time To Clean A Tub

Well, I am not really sure if this is something that I can toot about, but I guess it is. We don't have a bath tub back in the Philippines so I haven't cleaned a tub yet until last Sunday. By the way, I am now in Texas and I am talking about our garden tub. I have been here for a little over 3 months and that was the first I cleaned the tub.

Me and my hubby did a general cleaning in our bathroom because we will be having visitors tomorrow for my son's 2nd birthday. My hubby cleaned the toilet and the shower and I did the tub, the sink and mirror. Cleaning the tub is easier said than done but I made it look nicer than what it was before I cleaned it and I am proud of myself because I did it. *grin*


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Surprise "Cake" For Wedding Anniversary


No, it is not OUR wedding anniversary. It was my husband's brother, Kevin's and his wife, Shonda's 2nd wedding anniversary last September 20th. But they celebrated it with us last Sunday which is on the 21st. We were all at my husband's parents' house that time as we usually go there every Sunday.

I know that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were making cake for Kevin and Shonda and I didn't know that it was a surprise. I heard and understand from Yvonne, a few days before the anniversary, that Shonda wished to have a "wedding" cake because she never had one during their wedding. But I should've realized that Shonda was in the hospital when she said that because she just undergone a surgery to remove a cist ffom her thyroid gland. So, when she told Yvonne (my sister-in-law) that she wished for a wedding cake, she was not in an awake or normal state because it was just a few hours after her surgery.

Then last Sunday, after we had our lunch together, Yvonne and Mom brought the cake to the kitchen from the pool room, where they kept it, and Shonda was really surprised. Kevin knew about it though but he decided not to tell Shonda. Shonda was crying with tears of joy because she never believed that she said those things to Yvonne and Yvonne would listen to a dosed person. LOL. It was funny but that is what she exactly said. Anyway, we were enjoying the yummy cake they made.

Again, Happy 2nd Anniversary Shonda and Kevin. We all love you!

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Sep 22, 2008

Anticipating His Future As A Mother

Time flies really fast, my son would be two this coming Wednesday and without realizing it, he would start his potty training and graduate from disposable diaper, start to go to school, and everything. But even if he is getting older and even if he would have his own family and all, he would still be my baby and nothing can ever change that. But enough with those anticipating his future for now because I wanted to enjoy and cherish each moment of what my son is right now, as a baby who is still needing so much attention, care, and love, most especially from me as his Mommy.

Oh boy..I hate to imagine it but I know I can't the stop the from ticking and while it is moving, we know that a big future is ahead of us but we don't exactly know what it is, especially for our children. The best that we can do for now is to give him the love and care that he deserves and nurture every moment we have together because as a mother, whether we like it or not, our kids will find their own way in their own right time. It would really hurt but at least if you are a good mother, you would see your kid(s) leave you with tears of joy and no regrets.

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Can't Help Myself To Cry


My Life's Adventure
Wonderful Things in Life
The Fountain of Happiness
A Message From My Heart

Obviously, it was our wedding pictures. These are the most highlighted part of our wedding, the EXCHANGING OF VOWS. We were both crying that time because we and God knows how much we've been through before we finally joined ourselves in the Holy Matrimony. We are really waiting in pain for our wedding, though it was just for a few months but it seemed to be longer than forever for both of us. We originally planned to get married on January 2, 2008 but was postponed for circumstances that we can't avoid and didn't give us a choice. Then we set February 29, 2008 as the date hoping that everything would be settled and time will cooperate with us, unfortunately it didn't. Keeping the faith, we didn't set a date until me and my son were finally here in Texas with my fiance (my husband now). So the final wedding date was July 20, 2008. No words can ever explain how happy we are to finally started our dreams together as husband and wife, and it all began on our wedding.

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The Cats on Their Best Position

They are two of our cats in our house. On the left is Cream and it is Pearl on the other side. They are both girls and both like to spread their legs. Well, I am glad that they're cats and not human (if you know what I'm saying). Actually, it was Pearl really loves to spread her legs when she is lying down and we think that Cream is taking lessons from Pearl.

Those pictures were taken on the same day and same time. Cream was on my husband's chair while Pearl was on our bed and they are about to take their nap. I found it cute and decided to make a post about it. My husband calls it "putting the cats on shame". Well, I'm not, actually, I don't think they have shame so that's why I am putting them on shame, right? hehe. Whatever! I just think it's funny and cute.


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Sep 19, 2008

Dancing Is My Frustration But My Son Loves It


My son loves to dance. Everytime a music plays on one of his favorite cartoon shows or sometime with just any show on TV, he would dance to the beat. He would also try to do a break dance by turning himself upside down.

I hope he would be a dancer in the future because that is one of my frustrations while growing up. I love to dance too but I can't dance well. Until now, I love watching movies where you can see lovely dancing routine such as in Bring It On (part1-5), Step Up (1&2), Honey, etc. I always wish that I can dance like those guys but I know it is too late for me to dream that big, so I am just wishing for my son or my future children to dance as graceful as those dancers in the movie or any TV shows.

Anyway, I captured a video of my son dancing while he was watching one of his favorite cartoon shows on TV. Enjoy!

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Today is Our Second Wedding Monthsary


I felt really bad this morning because I didn't realiz that today is our 2nd wedding monthsary until hubby greeted me. Good thing I was not in my lazy mood and I prepared and ate breakfast with him this morning. Hubby had gotten to me not waking up early to eat breakfast with him twice or three times a week. For this week, I only did it once so he was a little surprise when I got up from bed this morning. Well, I made a post the other day, I am guilty..., which is about the things that I should've done better. I promised myself to do the best that I can as his wife and that is what I am doing right now. I tried not to use the computer late at night and go to bed early so that I can get up early, then eat breakfast with my hubby every morning before he goes to work. We only eat together twice daily and I don't wanna miss one now.

When hubby greeted me Happy 2nd Monthsary this morning, I felt a little shame because I should be the one who remembered it first but it was so sweet of him to remember it first thing in the morning. But he understand though becauss he believes that I may realized it anytime today if he didn't greeted me earlier.

But anyway, on our 2nd month as married couple, I would say that I am very happy and felt blessed for having the kind of husband that I have right now. And I would say this over and over again, he is the best MAN I ever had in my entire life and never can I live without him because from the day that we got married, I gave my life to him for I trusted him to take care of it and he is doing good, so far, about it. (I love you Hon!)
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