Mar 18, 2009

Hey! I'm Alive and Kicking and Got something good to share

Yay! I'm back after being gone for awhile, AGAIN. Well, I guess that would always be the case now but I'm glad cos now each time I come back to blog, I got something good to blog about and not just putting up some fillers, paid post, etc. Though I was sadden about being kicked out by PPP a few months ago but I have moved on and saw the good side of it -- no filler post, not being stressed of catching max opps everyday, and I get to spend more time with my family. At least, I still have the good ole PayU2Blog on my side who never failed ever since I became their avid fan and loyal poster.

Anywho, you're maybe wondering where I'm at when I wasn't blogging, aside from being around the house and spending quality time with my precious ones. As I have said on one of my previous posts, I have been into Ticket To Ride Online game and to add up to that, I finally was able to subscribe to Cosmopolitan magazine -- the only magazine that I'd read from cover to cover. So, the good thing that I mentioned on my title is something that I got from them. Here it is ....

15 Things You Should Never Apologize For

1. Ordering a Real Dessert; 2. Someone Else's Bad Day; 3. Ditching a Bad Lover;
4. Having a Crazy Family; 5. Buying Into Your Horoscope;
6. Really Wanting a Boyfriend; 7. Being a Self-Promoter;
8. Investing in Your Looks; 9. Having a High "Number";
10. Changing Your Mind; 11. Being Inexperienced;
12. Hoping Your Children Will Be Cuter Than Your Friends';
13. Sticking to a Budget; 14. Only Doing Things Online That You'd Do in Real Life;

If you hadn't figure out what's good about it, well, here it is: it is some kind of reality-check for us to not being guilty in every single thing that we do. I mean, most of the time we feel bad for doing some of the things mentioned above while the truth is, we shouldn't be. To top it all, HAVE A GREAT DAY y'all!! :-P

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